World’s Copper Assets

Copper-CableThe Partnership’s World Visa is designed on the back of its copper cable asset with a net value US$1.769 billion (below) to fund and guarantee Immigrant Visa Investors wishing to relocate to Australia as an Immigrant Visa Investor using the Cable Asset for a Credit Line. The Partnership provides access to the Credit line from World Insurance Companies and major Export Banks similar to HSBC Hong Kong (the “Cable Asset”).

The Cable Asset is an approximate 4″ marine Cable situated within a Kilometre of the Sea Shore in 6′ to 540′ (90 fathoms) approximate depth. The Cable is used by the Partnership to raise a Credit Line for Immigrant Visa Investor Partners to use for carrying on the Partnership’s Export / Import Business and other related businesses as Joint Venture Partner (the “Credit Lines“).

The Cable Solar Mapping Ship below shall be used to Map the Cable on the seabed and have it certified with some occasional Samples along the Cable Route. The report of the Cable Mapping shall be Certified and used for Insuring the Cable in its current seabed location. The Cable Asset value duly insured shown below shall be used for direct credit raising for the Partnership’s Export / Import Capital Raising through the Partnership’s Bank Holding Bank Company (WHC) or its International Bank Branches.

Cable Sonar Mapping Ship
2. STD3696 Patrol_Research

The Cable was laid during World War II stretching along the North America Western Coast Line from the Alaskan Islands to San Diego, California and beyond to Panama, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, before reaching out to Singapore and SE Asia.

Cable Recovery Map1

Approximate Cable Value 7,405 Approximate Miles


WEP Bank Enhanced 9 to 1 Funds Available

WEP Bank Fractional Loan Calcualations

Additional Enhancement of World Visa Unit Certificate 9 to 1 Ratio = US$4,500,000

Immigrant Visa Investors desiring to become a Limited Partner in the Partnership to qualify for a World Visa must INVEST in the UNITS OF THE PARTNERSHIP through the Partnership’s TRUSTEE mentioned above of which shall be endorsed by the “World Export Private Bank” (the “WEP Bank”) [Working Name only] upon the Trustee depositing the Investment Monies in the WEP Bank (the “Endorsed Units”).

World Visa Funding Certificate US$ 500,000+Frame1 Image

 The World’s Cable Asset value for raising credit lines from major banks is shown at the Partnership’s World Venture Capital Funding page. The Partnership is marketing the Partnerships World Visa Units above in (3) of the Diagram below through the Trustee. The Trustee deposits the Partnership Units Funds by way of equity at (4) of the Diagram into the Bank Holding Company (BHC) at (5) of Diagram and its initial Bank Branch in Hong Kong at Diagram (6) while it list in either the US NASDAQ or the TSX in Canada.

World Visa Funding Diagram2

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