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The World Visa Trustee (the Trustee) is the Partnership’s Hong Kong and Chinese Solicitors, Tung, Ng, Tse & Heung, founded in May 1997 as Messrs. George Tung & Jimmy Ng. Today, the firm’s name has been changed to Tung, Ng, Tse & Heung with the joining of Mr. Valent Tse and Mr. Eric Heung as Partners in August 1997 and December 2005 respectively. Click the image above to access the Trustee’s Website.

ABOUT THE VISA TRUSTEE: All World Visa Investment funds are subsequently paid by Visa Members of the Partnership to the Trustee for the Partnership in exchange for Members following a 30 day Free Trial Time as provided by an executed Partnership Agreement in exchange for a refundable US$5,000.00 deposit. This 30 day Free Trial is in lieu of a “Cooling Off Period” for the Visa Member while the parties agree to move forward in settling the terms of the Partnership Agreement with a Consideration Fee as follows:

Bullet World(1) During the 30 day Cooling Off Period, the Trustee and the Partnership will confer with the Visa Member to agree with the Trustee (acting as Custodial Services) to release the Visa Investors funds to the Partnership upon payment in exchange for the Visa Member’s Unit Value Certificate as shown by the sample USA Certificate here.

World Visa Funding Certificate US$ 500,000+Frame1 Image

Bullet World(2) Once the Funds have been advanced to the Trustee by the Visa Member as in (1) above, the Trustee shall deposit same to the Bank Holding Company of the Partnership [World Export USA Corporation] (WHC-USA) subject to (FRB approval to name). This is done for placing the Visa Funds in deposit Account for funding the Partnership’s Holding Bank Company and its related Country Branches. This is a requirement of Governments to qualify Visa Members for a Permanent Visa in the Country of Choice to create GDP in the Country.

Bullet World(3) Once those Funds are placed into the Holding Bank Trust Account, the Trustee shall place an additional WEB Bank Endorsed Stamp on the Visa Member’s World Visa Certificate by way of the Trustees’ confirmation as shown by the sample below:

Bullet World

NOTE: The Partnership is not a Registered Immigration Agent in Australia or elsewhere and unable to provide any advice on Immigration matters outside (Sect 280 5C of the Act) with the exemption of its Joint Ventures.

Bullet World

Trust Account funds are then placed in the World Export Private Bank (working name only), the WEP Bank Trust Account for the Trustee’s Certified use by the Partnership to establish the Bank Holding Company and its branches as may be required. These funds will be released to the Partnership by the Trustee in such a manner for the Partnership to carry out the development of the Holding Bank and its Branches in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Reserve Board pursuant, to Section 25A of the Federal Reserve Board Act. See the opening paragraph 1. Organization below:

Federal Reserve Act Sec.25A.1

  • (5) The Trustee shall report to the Visa Members each quarter to provide general information in respect of the Trust Account and progress with the Holding Bank Corp. and its Bank Branches.
  • (6) The Partnership’s Holding Bank with its Branches shall have the responsibility to provide loan funding to the Partnership to assist the Partnership in providing its additional Export Funding Assets to invest further into the Partnership’s Holding Bank.
  • (7) Those additional funds shall be made available to develop the Business Resorts and other Businesses / Facilities for Visa Members as set out in this Website.

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