World Visa Countries

1.The World Visa Vision has been developed by the Partnership to provide Immigrant Visa Investors a way to save delays of four to seven years in most Government Permanent Visas and to otherwise benefit immediately to suit the Country of Choice Requirements (the “Preferred Government Visa“).

(a) The Preferred Government Visa is that of an Entrepreneur Visa sought by many Countries so as to add benefits to the subject Country by way of Visa Applicants being able to:

Bullet Worldprovide substantial funds  by self or Third Party as Venture Capital  to increase the Country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP);

Bullet Worldbe self sufficient for up to five (5) years for the Applicant’s Family without seeking government support funding;

Bullet Worldbe of good character with a supporting Police Report or similar with proven documentation by way of Passport or Visa;

2.The Partnership’s World Visa may be able to provide all of the requirements with suitable Applicants through its Entrepreneur World Visa as shown throughout this website and condensed by the World Fact Sheet:

3.The World Joint Venture allows access to most Government Country “Permanent Visas” by investing in each of the Countries immediately to improve their respective Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

(a) The GDP is an expedited manner to qualify for a World Visa as set out for each of the Countries the Partnership is accepting in its current World Visa  Agenda as mentioned below (as a USA Example):

(b) GDP (Y) is the sum of consumption (C)investment (I)government spending (G) and net exports (X – M)Y = C + I + G + (X − M)

world-gdp_categories_-_united_statesThe Countries which gain from an Improved GDP


  • The Australian World Visa for Immigrant Visa Investors is based on a Joint Venture with the Partnership for the purpose of participating in a fast track for acquiring an initial Temporary / Permanent Visa Sub Class 132 Permanent Visa issued by the Australian Government with the Partnership’s Business Resort providing the added benefits below.
  • The Canadian World Visa for Immigrant Visa Investors is based on a Joint Venture with the Partnership for the purpose of participating in a fast track for acquiring an initial Temporary / Permanent Visa through its Treaty Trader / Treaty Investor Agenda with the added benefits below included in the Vancouver Business Resort.
  • The Hong Kong World Visa is based on a Visa Investor Joint Venture with the Partnership for the purpose of a fast track Australian SC132 Visa through its Investor Agenda allowing the Partnership to form a business in Hong Kong to jointly established with the Visa Investor to reside in Hong Kong for 7 years so as to (PR) Permanently reside.
  • Mexico is available as a Treaty or Business Temporary Visa under the Partnership’s Joint Venture pending the Permanent Investor Visa Application. The  Temporary Visa is 4 years with extensions. Otherwise vacate/return each 6 months. The second class for permanent residency can be granted upon Application as an Investor Alien Permanent Visa with a Home.
  • Philippine is based on a Joint Venture with the Partnership under the Philippine Treaty Country Visa allowing Immigrant Visa Investors to have a Permanent Visa upon retirement including their homes in the Philippines.
  • The TCI World Visa allows the Partnership to joint Venture with the Visa Investor to qualify for a TCI Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC). After 5 years, the Visa Investor may qualify for the USA or other Country Visas.
  • The USA World Visa allows the issue of USA’s Government’s E-2 Temporary Visa pending for Visa Members issue of an EB-5 or EB-6 Permanent Visa as a Joint Venture (the “Permanent Visa”).
  • Partnership’s World Visas are issued within a few weeks of Contract  for up to 4 years or more. This allows E-2 Visa Members to live, work and leisure in the USA while waiting on the EB-5 or EB-6 Visa.
  • Operating under a Temporary Visa allows Joint Venture Partners the opportunity to accept the Reciprocal Right condition of the Partnership without committing to the first Country of Choice selected and referred to in the Partnership Agreement.
  • Any amounts invested in the Partnership’s World Visa shall be expended in the GDP of the Selected Country for the Immigrant Visa Investors to qualify as a Permanent Visa Member of the Partnership.

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