World Visa Agreement


(Incorporating the “World Visa Agenda”)


DATED ____________2017 (the “Effective Date”)


EACH PERSON OR ENTITY DEFINED AS A LIMITED PARTNER IN THIS DOCUMENT as a “Limited Partner” with the right to participate individually as a FouVisa Partner / Visa Member in the Partnership with the General Partner taking all the risks of the Partnership as hereinafter provided:


II. WORLD INVESTMENTS (ABN 22108311806) of GF / Suite 12 / 282 Pacific Highway, NSW 2065, Australia acting as the General Partner for the Incorporated Limited Partnership (ILP 0000053).

This Agreement may be signed or endorsed electronically as hereinafter provided.


The parties (collectively) referred to in this document as the Partners and each singularly a Partner) wish to form or participate in an incorporated limited partnership pursuant to the terms of,

  • the Partnership Act 1892 (NSW)
  • the Taxation Laws Amendment (Venture Capital) Act 2002 (CWTH)
  • the Venture Capital Act 2002 (CWTH)
  • the Partnership Amendment (Venture Capital Funds) Act 2004 (NSW)

to conduct the Business.


  1. This Agreement operates as an initial Free Agreement for 30 days (apart from a Humanitarian Visa, which may be extended for any agreed period) in lieu of creating a “Cooling Off Period” (i.e. Applicant’s Cancel of Contract) as hereinafter provided (the “Provisional Agreement”).
  2. The Provisional Agreement is also designed for initial Membership to permit Visa Member Applicants to be recognised within the first 30 days aforesaid in the future as; “Immigrant Visa Investor Partners;” hereinafter referred to generally as (a) “Visa Investor Partners; (b) “Founding Partners”; (c) Visa Entrepreneur Partners; (d) Visa  Entrepreneur Plus Partners“; (e) “Visa Invest-Retiree Partners; (f) World Humanitarian Partners with Reciprocal Rights as hereinafter provided.
  3. The name of the partnership formed under the terms of this Agreement is WORLD EXPORT GROUP LP an Australian Incorporated Limited Partnership (ILP).
  4. The Partnership is a registered incorporated limited partnership in New South Wales, Australia with registration number ILP0000053 allocated by the “NSW Government Department of Commerce” – Office of Fair Trading.
  5. The Partnership has capital assets of approximately US$1.7 billion (more or less) for the Partnership Members to benefit including a Free Home, a Self Liquidating Business Loan and a Partnership Joint Venture as hereinafter provided.
  6. The Partnership shall also register in Australia (and elsewhere as required) as a Venture Capital Limited Partnership (VCLP) being a Tax Exempt Limited Partner on the Partnerships Capital Gain Profits as hereinafter provided.
  7. The Business of the Partnership shall participate in the lucrative Export / Import businesses and related ventures to create Assets for the Partnership which includes a Partnership subsidiary for Listing a Bank Holding Company with International Bank Branches as the principal Qualifying Transaction on the “Toronto Stock Exchange” (TSX) as hereinafter provided.
  8. The Partnership’s Capital Assets shall be used for the Members to participate in various Joint Ventures in the Partnership’s planned Business Resorts globally with assistance from Immigrant Visa Investors of the Partnership through the Partnership’s “World Visa” Security as an Exempt Security pursuant to S708 of the Australian Corporation Act 2001 as hereinafter provided.
  9. One of the First Business Resorts is the International Cruising Hotel (ship) for International Banking and Export / Import Joint Venture business named the “World Experience” for several cruising experiences pending suitable accommodation being arranged for Visa Members in the Country of Choice as hereinafter provided.
  10. During the 30 days of signing this Agreement as a “Provisional Agreement”, the Partnership shall offer the first number of US$10 million combined individual Visa Members’ Investments an opportunity (subject to the “Offer” not being cancelled) to receive in confidence a Partnership’s One Hundred Percent (100%) Free Offer “World Visa” Investment monies on a US$1.00 for US$1.00 of three (3) years “Stock Options” in the proposed Bank Holding Company at Recital (7) above to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) as a Listed Company for a limited number of “Founding Partners” as hereinafter provided (the “Founding Partner Offer“).
  11. With the Assistance of the Partnership’s Capital Assets Immigrant Visa Investors shall obtain additional benefits over and above a Permanent Visa in the Country of Choice by way of a Free compounding Home Loan to provide a Free Home offsetting the Costs of a Partnership’s World Visa progressively to the end of a 5 year Term as hereinafter provided.
  12. Moreover, in addition to the Free Home in the previous Recital, Visa Members also qualify for participating in a Joint Venture with the Partnership as a Partner, using the value of the Partnership’s Capital Assets in Recital ‘E’ above as a Self Liquidating business loan from the Profits of the Joint Venture as hereinafter provided.
  13. The Partnership Agreement shall be signed in accordance with the Terms Agreed herein with an agreement-consideration of US$ 10,000.00 for a non-bank endorsed Partnership “Visa Unit” by the Visa Member on or prior to the end of the Free 30 Day period aforesaid to consummate this Provisional Agreement into a full legal Partnership Agreement as hereinafter provided.
  14. The Partnership is not a Registered Immigration Agent in Australia or elsewhere and unable to provide any advice on Immigration matters outside (Sect 280 5C of the Act). The said Act permits the Partnership to Sponsor and advise Members in respect of its World Visa offers.

This document sets outs the terms and conditions on which the parties have agreed to form the Partnership and to carry on the business of the Partnership as hereinafter provided.


Upon the Applicant making an Application from the link below, the Partnership shall provide a Full Text of the Partnership Agreement selected by the Applicant, which may suit the Applicant’s requirements, including his / her’s family as set out in the Application Form.

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