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The Partnership has substantial Global Assets by way of Copper and Lead Cable remaining after World War II and contracted to the Partnership. These assets are substantial and available with Insurance support to provide Credit Line backing for its proposed Private Holding Bank and its International Banking Branches throughout the World where it operates such as Australia, Canada, Caribbean (TCI) Hong Kong/China, Mexico, Philippines and the USA as set out below:

Copper-CableAWhile it has these substantial Global assets, the Partnership is still mindful that it must be careful to grow its assets into a solid bank holding account of reserve funding. With that consideration, the Partnership has negotiated a joint venture with a Licensed well documented and audited Forex corporation (Price  Waterhouse Coopers) to enhance its funds. The Partnership’s Joint Venture is created on an assured basis to generate a further 20% Per Month profit projections on a compounding basis as a Contingency of the Partnership’s funding against any cost overruns of its various Development and Humanitarian Projects.

BA simple example is the one mentioned (Year 1) against the funding budgeted for the new planned TCI Development Project in the Caribbean at an estimated cost of US$17.5 billion. This example takes 50% of the Partnership’s value of the Copper Cable Asset (approximately US$500,000,000) at (C) below to produce for Year 1 almost US$2 Billion and then compounding that amount further, calculated for Year 2 an amount of US$7,589,314,467 of reserved funds.

World Visa Fund Estimate1 World Visa Fund Estimate2

Those compounding surplus amounts above could be further duplicated to repay the Partnership’s credit line exposure within 3 years to 4 years to meet its obligations should they need repaying as mentioned in ‘C’ below:

Line Green Image

CEstimated Credit Line Produced from the Copper Cable Sample Recovery 

The Table below is based on a small amount of Copper Cable available  by way of a sample only. This sample is for the purpose of obtaining a 12 month credit line (ongoing) for a length of cable from Alaska to San Diego / San Diego to Panama / San Diego to Hawaii in suitable stages to allow for weather:  approximately 7,405 miles.


Other similar Credit Lines can be produced with the Partnership Copper Cable available, stretching beyond Hawaii on its way to the Pacific Islands, close to Australia and beyond to SE Asia and the UK. See Cable Recovery Map and info at ‘D’ and ‘E’ below….

Line Green Image

D1Cable Recovery Map:

The information below is provided as way of giving bona fides to the Copper Cable available to the Partnership for arranging the Credit Lines suggested above. The Cable being harvested was recovered by small ship and purpose made machine to recover some of the small cable to prove the Cable exists as set out below:

Cable Recovery Map

The information below is from a personal diary of one of the Seamen working on the Cable Laying for repairs not long after World War II. Cable to Philippines

Porthcuruno is in Cornwell, UK and was linked to the Cable used during World War II

Cable US-UK

Cable hauling at Porthcurno beach CROPPEDCable Control Centre

Line Green Image

E1There are a wide variety of Cable Laying and Retrieving Vessels.

Cable Laying Vessels

Cable Mapping ShipCable Laying / Recovery Equipment Below:

Cable Laying Recover ModeControlled by the International Law of the Sea

Cable Law

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World Visa Funding Diagram1

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