World USA E2+EB-2 Visa (NIW) Fast-Track

The World US EB-5 Visa and the World US EB-6 Parole Temporary Resident exemption have become difficult to expedite for Entrepreneur Applicants. India and many other Countries including Vietnam have a wait list of up to 10 years or more.

For that reason, the Partnership, has sought more expedient manner for its Visa Members to qualify for the Entrepreneur USA Permanent Visa all similar to other Countries for the World Visa, such as Australia, Canada and other Island Nations.

Entrepreneur Visa E2+EB-2 Outline-2

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The Diagram below covers a simple USA World Visa structure with many Free Visa Options as the World Visas.

Diagram World E2+EB-2 Visa+Home+Biz Image1

Note: Pending Development of the Visa Member’s Joint Venture Business in (#6) of the Diagram above, Visa Members are invited; (A) to reside in the “World Experience Condo and Business Incubator Ship” below with family; (B) take alternate Partnership Land Based Condo living; while (C) the Florida Business Resort Development at (#9) above is completed to a point of  availability of the Condo / Homes for Visa Members; (D) Click on the image above to see the US planned Business Resorts!

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Visa Members' Fast-Track E-2+EB-2 *NIW World Visa 30 day Free Trial With EB-2 Final Joint Venture Business Including US$250,000 / US$1 million JV Venture Capital Funding. USA Government Approval after 12 months.

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*National Interest Waiver

"World Experience" (Condo, Business Incubator Ship)

Note: "The World Experience" may be an alternate Condo business home for those Visa Members wishing to Fast Track their EB-2 Florida Business / Resort Home.

The World E2+EB-2 Visa Program allows a person investing at least $500,000 (soon EB-5 to be $800,000) in certain areas (or $1 million, EB-5 soon to be $1.2 million) in a business that creates jobs may be granted for an EB-2 permanent resident (NIW) status.

The Partnership's USA E2+EB-2 World Visa is a Joint Venture E2 Temporary Visa Company for its Visa Member (Holding 50% Equity) to build a Business over 12 months or more which can be accepted as a US EB-2 Permanent Visa Applicant Company; thus qualifying the Applicant for a "National Interest Waiver" (NIW).

Visa Membership Unit Cost: US10,000 in two payments of US$5,000, subject to 30 Day Refund if Non-Agreement.

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Includes Joint Venture Funds US$250,000 to US$1,000,000

Introduction: E2+EB-2 Entrepreneur World Visa includes Separate Joint Venture Funding of US$250,000 to US$1,000,000.

The Partnership arranges for its US "World Visa Express" LLC Company to become an accredited funding Company qualifying for developing the Business

The E2+EB-2 Joint Venture Company for Visa Members' Fast-Track Visa!

While the E-2 Joint Venture Business is suggested, which may to be involved in Export / Import and other US or International Businesses. Visa Members may elect to reside in the Business Resort being developed by the Partnership in Florida as shown on this Slide.

One of those Business Resorts may be the Port St. Lucie Shopping and Living City Centre Development in Florida with Land Title currently for sale by the Receiver.

Joint Venture Info
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Should the Partnership not have the the Opportunity to purchase the Port St. Lucie Land Title, it could still acquire other suitable Florida Coastal Land to develop a similar City development. Such development would provide an all-in-one Business Resort with many businesses to be developed during completion. Meanwhile, the World Experience Condo Ship and Business Incubator could be a Temporary Condo Home with Business during the E2 Temporary Visa i-140 period or Land Living.

As the Partnership is a separate commercial undertaking the Partnership would set aside the Condo development areas for Visa Members to reside upon an early completion.

Florida City Center yet to be purchased

The "World Experience" Condo Ship and Business Incubator has reciprocal Rights for Visa Members with the Partnership's Land Based Business Resorts for all Countries (the "World Visa Ship").

"World Experience"

The Visa has a cost of US$500,000+ (Less US$10,000 Partnership Unit Cost) but plus any other Government Land Based Visa Administration Fees to be included with the a USA E2 Temporary Visa Application Costs.

The World Visa Ship Visa includes access to the WEP Bank Branch so Visa Members may continue with their Business operation while enjoying the Country's Ship Temporary Visa.

NOTE: The Ship Temporary Visa can be viewed as a Home-Away-From-Home while Visa Members settle their Country Temporary Visa and build their required Country Business to qualify for their respective Country Permanent Visa.

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AThe Partnership’s 30 day Free Trial Agreement for Visa Members provides sufficient time for Visa Members to decide on the Terms of the Partnership Agreement to allow Visa Members to Ratify the Terms Agreed.


The EB-1C Multinational Manager/Executive category naturally lends itself to entrepreneurs who are looking in the USA to create a business or purchase an existing business in the U.S. The EB-1C Visa is suitable for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Retirees. Take a quick glance in the Slides above.

World-Holdings-Half-Column-Logo2-smallCbusiness shall be one of the World Export Group LP of Companies (“WEG”) or the (Partnership”), which shall also be an investor in World Holdings Corporation(” WHC”) (*Working Name only), which may become the “World Export Private Bank” with its International Bank Branches (the “WEP” Bank).

Note: WEP Bank USA (FL) shall not engaged in the general business of buying or selling goods, wares, merchandise or commodities in the United States, and not transacting any business in the United States except funding transacted through Smaller USA Banks .

D1Green card quota backlogs and risky investments don’t have to be a part of every entrepreneur’s road to permanent residence. The EB-1A Extraordinary Ability, EB-1C Multinational Manager/Executive and EB-2 National Interest Waiver categories provide alternative paths that resolve many of the issues surrounding the more traditional EB-5 investor immigration program.

E1The Partnership’s USA EB-2 Investors may wish to establish a commercial business in Florida, USA with the Partnership’s added Venture Capital Funding in lieu of the Partnership’s USA’s EB-6 Entrepreneur Parole Program.

F1Any number of the Partnership’s Visa Members can qualify for the USA EB-2 Visa legally pursuant to the Security Laws in the USA with the added Venture Capital Funding offered under the Partnership’s WEP Bank Self-Liquidating Loan Program.

World Visa (E2+EB-2) USA Exemption Image

World Visa (E2+EB-2) USA Exemption Diagram copy

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