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WHC Holding Bank Executive Summary 23-04-2018-C

AThe “World US Bank & Trust” (WB&T) is backed under the U.S. Investment Company Act of 1940 (pending name Registration and not in operation).

A US investment bank is a special type of financial institution that works primarily in high finance by helping companies access the capital markets (stock market and bond market, for instance) to raise money for expansion or other needs.

WB&T is not an (intended) US Bank or Trust doing Banking Services in the USA apart from its US Corresponding Bank and future registration with the US Securities and Investment Commissions with Foreign Exemptions.

bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and creates credit.[1] Lending activities can be performed either directly or indirectly through capital markets. Due to their importance in the financial stability of a country, banks are highly regulated in most countries. Most nations have institutionalised a system known as fractional reserve banking under which banks hold liquid assets equal to only a portion of their current liabilities. In addition to other regulations intended to ensure liquidity, banks are generally subject to minimum capital requirements based on an international set of capital standards, known as the Basel Accords.

Section 2 (5) of the US investment Company Act 1940 (Definitions) clarifies “Banks” as follows:

‘‘Bank’’ means (A) a depository institution (as defined  in section 3 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act) or a branch  or agency of a foreign bank (as such terms are defined in section 1(b) of the International Banking Act of 1978), (B) a member bank of the Federal Reserve System, (C) any other banking institution or trust company, whether incorporated or not,  doing business under the laws of any State or of the United States, a substantial portion of the business of which consists of receiving deposits or exercising fiduciary powers similar to those permitted to national banks under the authority of the Comptroller of the Currency, and which is supervised and examined by State or Federal authority having supervision over banks, and which is not operated for the purpose of evading   the provisions of this title.

DEFINITION of ‘Industrial Bank‘ or Investment Bank are a financial institution with a limited scope of services. Industrial banks / Investment Banks sell certificates that are labeled as Investment Shares or Certificates and also accept customer deposits. They then invest the proceeds in instalment loans for consumers and small businesses.

The activities of the “World US Bank & Trust includes all legal investments of Foreign banking services (NOT USA apart from its Corresponding Bank) as well as trust services including but not limited to; opening investments and trust accounts, taking deposits from foreign clients across the world, disburse loans, invest clients assets on the International stock markets and provide all trust investment banking services; as the trustees find necessary for the Partnership’s Joint Venture Partners as set out in this website.

The  WIBT Branches (Working Name Only) shall be the vehicle as the Principal “Immigrant Visa Investment” for Visa Members to qualify for the World Permanent Visa of their Choice.

All investments of the Partnership in WB&T and its nominated Foreign Branches must be at Risk so as to permit its Visa Members to qualify for the end Permanent Visa of the Country of Choice. See Slide  Information below:

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World US Bank & Trust - (WB&T) International Bank Locations

The World Visa Business Resorts above shall also be represented by WB&T at the same locations, progressively. The Branches shall only be developed at some future agreed time when cashflow model of success is proved for both the Business Resort and the WB&T Branch.

World Visa Agents shall be arranged prior to the development of the Land Based Business Resorts. The Business Resorts for Mexico may commence with Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea by the World Visa Agents. This would include the "World Experience" Condo Ship and Business Incubator.

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The World Holdings Corporation (WHC-USA) shall quickly establish an International WB&T Branch on the World Experience so it may commence its banking business for Visa Members. Also the 4 / 5 day cruise from Miami FL to Cozumel; returning via Cuba and British TCI, it is planned to fine tune the Workings of the World Visa Agents with the workings of the Incubator Ship.

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The purpose of this International Banks are to provide for the establishment of international banking and financial corporations operating under Federal supervision with powers sufficiently broad to enable them to compete effectively with similar foreign-owned institutions in the United States and abroad.

International Bank Purpose

The International Banks shall afford export and import for the United States including commerce, industry, and agriculture in general. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System shall issue rules and regulations pursuant to section 3(a) of the International Banking Act of 1978 to ensure that such purposes are being served in light of prevailing economic conditions and banking practices.

TWB&T International name has not yet been approved by the Nominated Country. The Private Bank in this slide shall set out generally the working of the Private Bank at a GLANCE. The Slides are subject to change as may be required by the Country.

World US Bank & Trust ( WB&T)

Being Investment Bank, the International Banks may not be set up to obtain Deposits from the Public. The Foreign Bank obtains investment monies from the Investments made to the Partnership through WB&T for the sale of the World Visa Unit and monetising the Partnership Global Copper Assets at a value of approximately US$2.5 Billion.

The World Visa Investments range in price of US$500,000 to US$800,000 or more with payments made to the Partnership's Hong Kong Trustee acting "Custodian" through WB&T's Corresponding Bank in HK for Partnership's Members.

The Trustee Deposits shall ensure the Partnership's World Visa Unit equity monies are deposited via the Corresponding Bank HK directly to WIBT for the benefit of Visa Members. The deposits with the Partnership's Cable Asset Deposits once monetised are used for the Export / Import Business with related commerce, industry, agriculture in general for Visa Members.

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(1) World US Investment Bank & Trust (WIBT) is seperate from the World Export Group LP (the "Partnership") apart from all of the funds raised by the Partnership are channelled into WIBT as equity for its Visa Members, via the Partnership.

(2) The only exception is when WIBT sells its own North American Stock to bring in public shareholders of WIBT. Those exceptions are all similar to a Listing in Canada through the Toronto Exchange as a Foreign Country or possibly other US Territories such as America Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and United States Virgin Islands. Other US listings are forbidden.

(3) A typical investment bank will engage in some or all of the following activities: (a) Raise equity capital (e.g., helping launch an IPO or creating a special class of preferred stock that can be placed with sophisticated investors such as insurance companies or banks) (b) Raise debt capital (e.g., issuing bonds to help raise money for Joint Venture Projects.

(4) If any of the Joint Venture Enterprises of the Partnership and Visa Members wanted to sell $10 million worth of bonds to further investment in the said Joint Venture, WIBT as an investment bank would help it find buyers for the bonds and handle the paperwork, along with a team of lawyers and accountants.

(5) The buy side, in contrast, works with pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, and the investing public to help them maximise their returns when trading or investing in securities such as stocks and bonds. That is most helpful when working with the Visa Members Joint Venture projects to raise additional capital for the in-house venture.

(6) Accordingly, the Partnership listing WIBT on the TSX or any the Joint Venture Businesses with its Visa Members Ventures, shall allow Visa Members to expedite their profits from their own trading stock. This financial liquidity shall allow Visa Members to qualify for their Permanent Visa in their Country of Choice.

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The Maiden World Experience Condo Ship is finalising its current purchase with the introduction of a Cruise to Cozumel Mexico, Santiago de Cuba, Grand Turk (TCI) with a return to Miami over a 5 day Cruise / Demonstration of how the Condo Ship shall work for its Visa Members, Globally.

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"World Experience"

The World Experience shall be the first Business Resort undertaken. Accordingly, the WB&T Bank Branch Office shall be among the first WB&T International Bank Branches to be established.

Investment in the World Experience Condo Ship / World Visa has reciprocal Rights with other Land Business Resorts.

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Bimages8WB&T shall operate as a Foreign Trust with corresponding Banks in each Country of operation which may include WB&T’s full ownership of the Foreign Banks (the “Foreign Banks”).

The Foreign Banks or the Partnership’s resultant Business Resorts shall provide Visa Members’ qualification as investments in the end Government Country of Choice Visa including a Home, employment and business opportunities as contracted with the Partnership.

CWB&T may also establish the World Holding Corporation as a Bank Holding Company in Australia to establish the ‘World Export Private Bank’ (“WEP Bank”) funded generally by the Partnership’s International Assets for its source of funds from its World Export Funds. However, a listing is also planned on the TSX in Canada for additional Capital Raising. See the WHC Executive Summary attached here.

D1WB&T Bank Branches shall be licensed in each Country the World Business Resorts are established with Sub Branches in each State the Business Resorts have added office locations. The Bank Branches shall assist in expediting the Partnership’s Global Assets through WB&T’s Venture Capital Funding.

Bank PrivateE1The Foreign Branches are subject to the Partnership’s Business Resorts being established in planning. The Business Resorts shall firstly be in the British TCI, Caribbean and Seattle WA, USA. All of this will be achieved while WB&T is being listed with a Canadian Investment Foreign Bank on the Toronto Stock Exchange from Vancouver B.C. (the “TSX.”).

F1It is to be Noted: there is no International Branch office to be established in the USA as WB&T shall only deal with Foreign Banks apart from a single Corresponding Bank in the USA.  However, WB&T may have its own US Office operating from Seattle, USA in conjunction with an Australian Head Office Foreign Bank to support mainly USA Export / Import businesses or related ventures in the USA.

  1. WB&T Bank Branch, Australia
  • WEP Bank 1. MLC Centre SydneyWB&T Bank Australia shall have its first Private International Bank location established at level 56 and 57, MLC Centre, 19–29 Martin Place Sydney, NSW 2000.
  • This office location shall be established with the World Export Group LP to oversee all the Bank Branches being established in Australia, Canada, Caribbean (TCI), Hong Kong and others dealing in US$ Currency.
  1. WB&T Bank Branch, Seattle USA
  • WEP Bank1 SeattleWB&T shall have a Foreign Bank established in Vancouver as its first International Private Bank location with Management established at 400 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101 (although registered in Canada) but sharing the office with WB&T at (C) above dealing in US$ currency.
  • This office location shall also be established with the World Export Group LP, for USA and Canada to oversee the Businesses of Canada and the development of the Vancouver Business Resort at the Waterfront Access location page (2); it also shall oversee the World Holdings Corp.(WHC).
  1. WB&T Bank Branch, Caribbean (TCI)
  • WEP Bank4 TCIWB&T Bank TCI shall have its first International Bank Private Branch location established downtown Grand Turk, TCI dealing in US$ Currency.
  • The TCI Location is important to work in parallel with the Seattle Branch covering South America and the Americas.

4. WB&T Bank Branch, Hong Kong China

  • WEP Bank3 Hong KongWB&T Bank Hong Kong shall have its first International Private Bank Branch at: Level 19 Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Central Hong Kong, China dealing in US$ Currency.
  • The Hong Kong Bank is the Principal Private Bank Branch for holding all the funds initially for distribution to the other Branches as required.
  • Note: The Hong Kong Branch shall hold all Visa Members Funds until distributed to the Visa Member’s selected Business Resort / Bank Branch.

5. WB&T Bank Branch, Makati, Philippines 

  • World Makati WEP Office Philippines1WEP Bank Philippines shall have its first International Bank Branch at Level 17, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati (Manila) dealing in US$ Currency.
  • The Makati Branch shall be a substantial Private Branch office in SE Asia.
  • The Office shall firstly have a holding name of World Holdings Corp. pending having the WEP Bank approved by the Federal Reserve in the Philippines.

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