World Innovative Funds

The Partnership’s Innovative Funding promotes the World Visa, which is designed on the back of its copper cable asset with a net value US$1.77 billion through a line of credit from major banks around the World as may be required. The US$1.7 Billion Credit Line is created through the Partnership’s Bank Holding Company, World Holding Corp. (the “Credit Line“).

Copper-CableMoreover, the Credit Line guarantees the contents of this website for Immigrant Visa Investors wishing to relocate to any of the nominated Countries as Immigrant Visa Investors (at Risk) with the backing of the Cable Asset to the Bank Holding Bank Company, as mentioned in this website (the “Cable Asset”).

1) The Immigrant Visa Investors desiring to become a Limited Partner in the Partnership to qualify for a World Visa must INVEST in the UNITS OF THE PARTNERSHIP through the Partnership’s TRUSTEE mentioned above of which shall be endorsed by the WEP Bank upon the Trustee depositing the Investment Monies in the WEP Bank (the “Endorsed Units”).

World Visa Funding Certificate US$ 500,000+Frame1 Image2) Once the Endorsed Units are issued to the Visa Members (progressively) the Partnership shall issue the World Visa to the Visa Members as per the sample World Visa included by way of a Sample. This Certificate Sample shall incorporate the Partnership’s notification of the Partnership’s Sponsorship of the Visa Member in the Country of Choice with his / her direct family members.

Bank Endorsed Stamp13) The World Visa is based on commencing with the Subclass E-2 Visa as the initial Visa to the USA through the World Visa as shown pending issue of the EB-5 Visa as a Permanent Visa. This E-2 Visa allows Visa Members to fast track their settlement in the Country of their Choice with the Partnership’s assistance.  Subject to gaining approval for Visa Members’ Invitation to make an E-2 Visa Application.

Further details of the monetisation of the Partnership’s Global Assets can be viewed below:

Copper Cable Asset Overview as Required

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World Visa Funding Diagram2

Application 30 Day World Visa Link1

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