World Holdings Corporation (AU)

World Export Gold Logo Footer WhiteWorld Holdings Corporation (AU) is an Australian Business Name held by the General Partner to the World Export Group LP (a Limited Partnership) with Business Name registration ABN#22108311806.

World Holdings Half Column Logo2 smallThe purpose of the Australian Business Name Registration is to assign the Business Name to a USA Corporation as a Bank Holding Corporation with many Bank Branch subsidiaries as outlined in this website.

The plan of the Partnership is to transfer the liquid cash assets of the Partnership to the Partnership’s World Bank & Trust (working name only) with a subsequent registration and Listing throughout other North American Stock Exchanges.

 The Founding Partners to the Partnership are provided with Bonus WHC Equity in the Capital of the Partnership to equal the investment amount of US$1.00 each share, principally for Immigrant Visa Investors in addition to the Value of the Immigrant World Visa selected for the Country of Choice (the “Bonus Shares”). A USA Sample World Visa is shown below:

World Visa Funding Certificate US$ 500,000+Frame1 Image


Application 30 Day World Visa Link1
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