World Export / Import BGs

The Partnership finances its Export / Import Trade using Bank Guarantees from the World Export Private Bank Branches in the Countries of Export or Import of Trade as shown in the Example below:

Diagram World Visa Export Financing Image 12-04-18

Marketing the Export / Import Business of the Partnership’s Joint Ventures

The Partnership’s Mentor Process: In short, the process of testing the ideas of a business quickly, may increase the revenue of the Joint Venture by growing more than the old mode of marketing.

Bullet World  Today, the best marketing and product designers are trying to get the product out quickly to generate profits.

Bullet World  Today, the rapid onslaught of advertising and the huge volume of advertising channels on the Internet has increased customer revenues, which led to an improvement in  business profits.

Bullet World  By having many Joint Venture Partners, allows each Joint Venture of the Partnership and its Bank SBLCs available shall allow  all Joint Ventures to benefit from the Brand of the World Export Group.

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