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AThe International (*WEP) Bank Branches (*Working Name Only) shall be licensed in each Country State the World Business Resorts are established with Sub Branches in each State the Business Resorts have added office locations.

BWorld Export Private Bank LogoThe Bank Branches shall assist in expediting the Visa Members Permanent Visa in the Country of Choice using the General Partners Global Assets with Visa Members investing additional Monies into the Bank Holding Company through Deposits of the Partnership’s General Partner through the Hong Kong Trustee as shown in the diagram below:

CThe Bank Holding Company and its related Branches shall be the Principal Visa Investment/s for Visa Members to qualify for the World Visa including the end Country of Choice Visa and Business Resort with Home, employment and Joint Venture business opportunities as contracted with the Partnership.

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World Experience Fronal ViewD1The Branches are subject to the Partnership’s Bank Holding Company being established first and forthwith in Miami FL, USA or Seattle WA, USA. The first Bank Branch shall be established in Hong Kong with the World Experience International Bank Branch (Ship) travelling throughout the World as the World Export Private (International) Bank Branch (WEP International Bank), pending Australia, Canada, Caribbean (TCI), Mexico, Philippines Branches.

E1It is to be Noted: there is no International Branch office to be established in the USA as the Federal Reserve Board Act, prevents any WEP Bank business to be transacted in the USA unless otherwise approved by the Board for the Bank’s own required dealings. The Partnership’s WEP Bank in the USA must only support USA Small Banks for Export / Import businesses and related Businesses.

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