Why World E2+EB-2 Visa Against EB-5 Visa

E-2+EB-2 green card Advantages   EB-5 green card Disadvantages
(1) Immediate Access with quick start while processing times – a  few months (1) Slow processing time – two years or as many as ten or more for backlog eg. Chinese / Vietnamese.
(2) Investment – of  US$250,000 or more to US$1,000,000+ depending on the Home Value and  business. (2) Investment – $500,000 U.S. for regional center projects, $ 1 million for direct investment option.
(3) Control of Funds in investor’s Joint Venture business  50-50 equity / 60% voting rights to Funding Partner. (3) No control of funds invested in third-party project if regional center – heavy “due diligence” required, risk of loss required.
(4) Travel flexibility – less concern about maintaining domicile and physical presence. Condo Ship OK. (4) Need to maintain “domicile” and rigid enforcement of residence rules
(5) Immediate permission to work in the USA, spouse can work anywhere, children can go to school and college at internal resident tuition rates. (5) Waiting abroad for approval from Immigration – 2+ years and as much as 8 to 10 backlog.
(6) Low legal Cost – Roughly $10,000 – $20,000 U.S. (6) High cost approximately – $50,000 – $ 70,000 or more in fees
(7) Possible tax advantages – as an nonimmigrant resident if principal resident stays in USA not more than 122 days per year no tax on worldwide income (seek advice). (7) Possible clouded judgment of promoters and advisors due to considerable financial rewards for finding EB-5 investors. Taxation on worldwide income of investor.
(8) Less paperwork- more flexible treatment of investor on compliance with rules (8) More paperwork – severe enforcement of rules
E-2+EB-2 Visa  Disadvantages   EB-5 Visa Advantages
(1) Must work – passive investment not enough. Investor / Retirees must take oversight interest in business for profit dividends. (1) Permanent resident status
(2) The immigrant investor’s U.S. presence is tied to the business success – must work or take Oversight Interest for Investor / Retirees. (2) No work requirement
(3) Must renew the visa every 5 years or until EB-2 Permanent Visa Issued. (3) Renewal of permanent residence cards every ten years.
(4) No clear route to green card or U.S. citizenship until EB-2 Visa or other Visa Issued. (4) Long term certainty. Path to citizenship.

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