WEP Bank Branches

The World Export Private Bank is subject to approval of the name by the Federal Reserve Board following an application by the World Export Group LP (the “WEP Bank”) with the intended WEP Bank branches listed below:

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Australia, Canada, Caribbean (TCI) British Territory, Hong Kong, Mexico, Philippines.  The United States (USA) does not have a Branch as it must deal with US Smaller Bank for the USA and its related businesses. Some US Banking Business may be arranged through the Vancouver Branch Canada.

Bullet WorldThe (US) WEP Bank and its group of International WEP Bank Branches are the catalyst for creating the Business Resorts as a VISA Qualifying Transaction for the WEG Partnership’s Permanent World Visa in the Visa Member’s Country of Choice (the “Partnership”).

Bullet WorldAll Immigrant Visa Investments made to the Partnership through the Hong Kong Trustee acting as Custodian over the funds are remitted Bank to Bank to the World Holdings Corporation (WHC) in Australia. The purpose of the Trustee is for guaranteeing the Visa Investment is made by the Visa Applicant for the Permanent Country Visa upon the Respective Government Visa approval.

Bullet WorldWEP Business Living ImageMeanwhile, for expediting the Permanent Visa the partnership arranges a joint-venture with the Visa Member so as to have issued a Temporary Visa as a Work Visa or Investment Visa while waiting for the Permanent Visa.

Bullet WorldThe temporary visa acts as a Permanent Visa to allow the Visa Member to arrange and accommodate the Visa Members family in the Country of Choice in one of the Partnership’s Joint Commercial and Living Business Resorts.

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