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Free Bonus Equity SharesNOTE: Subject to the following information listed below, Immigrant Visa Investor Agents or other approved Agents shall receive an 8% commission on all sales personally completed together with the Free Bonus similar 8% value of Equity Share Options for Founding Partners at the adjacent link and as set out in the Founding Partners’ Offer.

  1. Many of the Immigrant Visa Sales around the World to Investors with special offers of investing in special projects of many Countries may be unlawful if not otherwise sold by a Licensed Security Dealer or otherwise exempted from disclosure by Law in that particular Country. The Partnership has those exemptions. See Partnership Disclaimer Investments.

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  1. Those Entrepreneurs offering Visas Investors Government Country Visas must also disclose to Visa Investors, that any investment in the specific project offered in the Country of Choice must be invested at the Investor’s Risk. If not otherwise at Risk, Governments can refuse to issue any end Visa/s otherwise due to the Investors.
  1. The Partnership in this case states as far as Risk, all investors funds must be lodged directly with the appointed Hong Kong Solicitor (Lawyer) directly by Bank to Bank SWIFT Transfer to the Solicitors Trust Account in accordance with the Original signed Partnership Agreement as may be arranged with any of the prior Approved Agents with a validated Agent Number.
  1. The exempting Law/s are Section 708 of Australian Corporations Law 2001, Regulation ‘S’ of the US Securities Law and includes the Hong Kong Trustee safeguard for all Transactions.
  1. The agreed Approved Agent fees shall be settled by the Trustee directly with the Approved Agent by SWIFT Wire Bank to Bank Transfer within 48 hours of receiving the Funds into the Trustee’s Trust Account with terms agreed for the Original Signed Partnership Agreement.
  1. The Agents do not receive any payments direct from the Visa Members. The Visa Member shall have signed the Agreement for the Visa at the time the Visa Member became a Member of the Partnership and purchased one (1) Visa Unit at a cost of US$10,000.00 in two stage payments of US$5,000.00 each.

  1. All Agents are welcome to offer their services to the Partnership for marketing the Partnership’s World Visa, which shall be included with a Partnership’s Agent Agreement in the Partnership on a commission basis as agreed from time to time in writing.
  1. *The Cost of Units (World Visas) range in price from US$500,000 to US$1 million or more which shall equate in value to a new home or business in any of the Business Resorts of the Partnership by Country of Choice with reciprocal rights (to other Countries.) This may include a job or investment in the USA or other Countries as may be agreed in advance between the Partnership and the Visa Investor (the “Visa Member”).

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  1. The Partnership mentioned in the Brochure attached here is an Australian Limited Partnership first registered in NSW, Australia 23rd April 2008 as an Incorporated Limited Partnership (ILP0000053) and having its address at Suite 12, 282 Pacific Highway, Greenwich, NSW 2065, Phone +61 2 9437 6337.

Cell: +61 418 621 333 – Sydney – (Australia Time Zone).


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