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Investment Opportunity

Free Bonus Equity SharesThe World Holdings Corporation (WHC-USA) is offering an Investment Opportunity for Immigrant Visa Investors (the “Visa Member Investors”) from foreign Countries to invest in a Permanent Visa in the USA via TCI through the Partnership’s World Export Group LP (a “Limited Partnership”). The end benefits to Visa Member Investors are eventual EB-5 Permanent Visa in the USA with a Free Equity share in WHC-USA as Founding Partners hereinafter provided (the “Free Bonus Equity“).

WHC is planned as a Bank Holding Company in the USA pursuant to the US Bank Holding Company Act 1956. As a Bank Holding Company it can Act for the Purpose of Establishing International Bank Branches around the World to further the aims of the Partnership in its Export Import Business through its Visa Members.

The World Holdings Corporation (WHC) is the principal Com­pany of the Partner­ship’s Group of Compa­nies in Australia. The in­tent of WHC is to list WHC by mirroring it during 2017 in the USA as a US Corporation (WHC-US) as WHC-US applies pursuant to Section 25A of the Federal Reserve Board Act (FRB) in Florida, USA.

The formation of WHC-US shall allow WHC-US to list on the Toronto Stock Ex­change (TSX) in Canada to permit further access to funding as a listed Corporation. The additional funding shall also grow the Exporting of Goods throughout the World with a Branch Bank Office in Hong Kong and other selected WHC-US Bank Branches.

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The strength of Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange is world-class. In 2015, TSX and TSXV continued to surpass a number of Canadian and global benchmarks for listings, market capitalization and trading volumes. The exchanges are significant marketplaces for international capital.

World (Bank) Holdings (AU) Corporation (WHC) is the principal Com­pany of the Partner­ship Group of Compa­nies. The in­tent is to list WHC during 2017 on the Toronto Stock Ex­change (TSX) with a Branch Bank Office in Vancouver. WHC shall commence its Bank Branches around the Globe from the TSX.

“World Holdings Corpo-ration” is a Business Name of the General Partner of the World Export Group LP which  shall regis­ter World Holdings (USA) Corpo-ration in Florida, USA pursuant to Section 25A of the Fed­eral Re­serve Board Act. Visa Members shall have the opportunity to in­vest in the Partnership’s World Visa Equity Capital via Hong Kong Trustee.

Funding for the TSX Listing

Bullet World(1) The initial funding for the TSX Listing is arranged by monetising the Partnership’s Global Copper Cable assets as shown in this website at: http://worldexportgrouplp.com/worlds-copper-assets/

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Bullet World(2) Additional Funding by the Partnership is by way of commencing the Export / Import of the Partnership’s Business’ through the World Visa Entrepreneur Visa in Sierra Leone, Brazil and India.

WHC-US as a Bank Holding Company

World Holdings (US) Corporation (WHC-US) shall be the Regional Centre registered in Florida, USA to qualify for a EB-5 Permanent Visa in the USA under a name yet to be approved by the Federal Reserve Board (FRB).

The working name for the Bank (Subject to FRB approval) is the “World Export Private Bank” (WEP-Bank). Readers can view the WEP Bank Branches intended here.

The Initial Export / Import Business of the Partnership

The initial Business of the Partnership is the promotion of Immigrant Visa Investors throughout all foreign Countries using the business of the World Holdings (AU) Corporation as the Australian Company with mirror rights with the World Holdings (US) Corporation.

This mode of the Partnership commencing its Business is for the purpose of raising additional Working Capital through Immigrant Visa Investors so they may have almost immediate access to living in the Country of their Choice as nominated by the Free Partnership Joint Venture Agreement i.e. Australia, Canada, Caribbean (TCI), Hong Kong, Mexico, Philippines and USA (subject to the Country of Choice “Joint Venture” Working / Investor Visa Approval).

Initial Export / Import Products or Ventures

The Initial Export / import Businesses of the Partnership is to commence a few potential high yielding products such as Diamonds, Gold and Alexandrite Stones.

Sierra Leone Gold & Diamonds

Bullet WorldIn that regard the General Partner trading under the Australian Business Name of World Investments participated in Small Gold Mining Ventures during 2009 to 2012 in Sierra Leone with positive results. This was achieved pending rearranging its major Export / Import Business’ as set out in this Website.


Bullet WorldIt is now intended to increase the operation in Sierra Leone under the same management utilising additional joint venture partners for the Partnership’s World Visa “Entrepreneur Visa“.

Bullet WorldMarketing the Gold & Diamonds from Sierra Leone shall be value added through Brazil and India with other Entrepreneur World Visa Holders.

Bullet WorldThe Partnership also has the opportunity to acquire 100 KG of packed and sealed Alexandrite Stones for purchase and resale through India, the USA and generally throughout the World at a substantial profit.

Brazil Alexandrite Bagged Samples

Brazilian-Indian Alexandrite

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