Mexico Biz Resort

Mexico City Business Resort is a ready made Business Resort established through the acquisition of ready made luxury apartments in the business district of Mexico City. The intent of the Mexico City Business Resort is a fast track to obtain a World Visa for either Mexico, Australia Canada, Caribbean (TCI) or the USA with other Country of Choice selections.

However, The Partnership has decided to also construct a new Business Resort in Cozumel, Mexico Caribbean Sea area. The Partnership is currently engaging Realtors in Cozumel to select a suitable Ocean Front location with near Pier or Port for the World Experience Condo Ship.

The Slide below provides Readers with a Glance of what is intended in Cozumel.

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Country Club Golf Club

Cozumel Township

Cozumel Planned Resort

Cozumel International Airport

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Cozumel Cruise Ship Terminal

Cozumel Shopping Centrel

Mayan Ancient Ruins

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*Many immigrants from Mexico, Central / South America and other Countries are part of a great wave of people and families wishing to gain access to the USA and North America. The Partnership believes it can assist both Mexico, the USA and Canada with its "Entrepreneur World Visa" while arranging vetting for the Partnership’s Applicants of the Entrepreneur World Visa with the Business Incubator Ship of the "World Experience".

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*The "World Visa Express" of the Partnership is willing to assist Canada, Mexico and the USA to prove Police checking and all other acceptance criteria for Genuine "Entrepreneur Visa" status required by those Countries.


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U.S. relations with Mexico are strong and vital. The two countries share a 2,000 mile border, and bilateral relations between the two have a direct impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans, whether the issue is trade and economic reform, education exchange, citizen security, drug control, migration, entrepreneurship and innovation, or the environment. The scope of U.S. Mexican relations is broad and goes beyond diplomatic and official relations. It entails extensive commercial, cultural, and educational ties, with some 1.4 billion dollars of two way trade and hundreds of thousands of legal border crossings each day. In addition, a million (1,000,000 +) American citizens live in Mexico. U.S. tourists to Mexico numbered over 20 million in 2013 making Mexico the top destination of U.S. travellers. Mexican tourists to the U.S. were over 14 million in 2013, and they spent an estimated $10.5 billion.
While accommodation shall be provided in Mexico City to fast Track Visa Members. The Partnership’s Plan is to build a full Business Resort in the Caribbean Sea Area as shown in the image above. The Plan includes to bring the other developments from Miami, USA and the Turks and Caicos Islands in close flying time by the intended Business Jet including the “World Experience” Condo Ship.

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