Humanitarian Visa

The World Export Group LP (the “Partnership”) is offering Economic Refugees and Refugees an opportunity to move to a defined group of Countries in various parts of the Western World accepted by the Partnership with approval of the Country’s Government.

Humanitarian Entrepreneu Visa

1.Those Countries are initially: (A) Australia, (B) Canada and the (C) United States of America (USA) and other immigration supporting Countries shown on the Global Map below at paragraph (2). This Map includes: (K) Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) British Territory, in the Caribbean, (E) Guam USA Territory, flanked by the North Pacific Sea and Philippines Sea, (G) Hong Kong, (I) Mexico, (F) Philippines and (D) Vanuatu in the South Pacific Sea approximately 3 hours flying time to the East Coast of Australia.

Australian Special Humanitarian 202 Visa

Electronic lodgement of Special Humanitarian Programme applications now available

Special Humanitarian Programme (SHP) applications can now be lodged electronically. You and your proposers need to complete the application forms on your computer and submit them with the relevant documentation using an online portal. For further information see: Lodging certain humanitarian applications in Australia.



Canada Entrpreneur Visa Program


United States of America and Guam USA

1.USA FlagThe Partnership’s World Visa is designed to expedite Visa Members Permanent Visa entry into the Country of Choice through the Partnership’s Export / Import Business generally or its associated Businesses, Management or Joint Venture Visa through an Investment in the Partnership in keeping with the Entrepreneur Visa requirements of the US Government.

2.The Map locations are shown below with other random Ports of Visit with the World Experience Ship below :

World Experience Map Ports

World Experience Elevation

3.The World Experience ship above shall be the Flagship of the Partnership. Many opportunities shall be made available in staffing the World Experience through employment while other Economic Refugees may participate as a Business Incubator assisting Refugee in fast tracking their business career in their Country of Choice.

4.Syria Outlook 1600 x 460-1The Partnership believes Syria is a Country needing Humanitarian assistance. This page sets out how the the “Partnership” can assist both Economic Refugees and Refugees start a new life in the Country of Choice available.

5.While this page offers help to Syria as an example, most war-torn Countries around the World may be eligible to qualify for Visa assistance from the Partnership as set out in this page. However, it must be made clear, the Partnership is a profit driven Limited Partnership apart from any assistance which may be provided through its associated Foundations.

Passports Framed

Syrian Refugees Walking

Economic Refugee‘ A person who leaves their home country for a new country, in search of better job prospects and higher living standards.

Refugee: One who flees, especially to another country, seeking refuge from war, political oppression, religious persecution, or a natural disaster.

USA Homeland Security6.The Partnership is not registered or associated with any particular Country and can only assist Economic Refugees and Refugees by assisting interested Immigrants to become Immigrant Visa Investors or Entrepreneur Visa Investors in their Countries of Choice.

This opportunity may commence for Refugees with a “Provisional” or direct ‘World Visa’ as follows:

world-syrian-refugee-crisisBullet World(1) The first step is for interested persons to become a Member of the Partnership by joining for Free by signing the Partnership Agreement. Once complete you will then need to work with the Partnership for training of how you can become an ‘Immigrant Visa Investor to qualify for your selected Country of Choice.

Bullet World(2) All interested Humanitarian Members may receive employment in their current / temporary Country by assisting the Partnership and themselves with an agreed remuneration. Following an advancement with the Partnership additional work experience with payment and accommodation through the World Experience Ship below may set their goal ahead as legal agents for the Partnership to achieve permanent residency in one of the Passport Countries shown above.

Bullet WorldWorld Experience Fronal View(3) Permanent Residency may be achieved by communicating interest by sending an Application through this Website or email direct to The  communication by the Applicant shall commence the applicant’s opportunity for joining the Partnership’s “World Experience” Cruising Hotel. This in turn mayl allow training of suitable persons into the Partnership’s Export / Import Business and its related ventures globally as they are established.

World Experience Elevation

7.NOTE: Members must be prepared to produce legal documentation with experience by way of Resume for any selected Country while working towards Permanent Visa Residency with the Authorities of the local Country. The Partnership is unable to provide any advice on Immigration matters in any Country apart for Members of the Partnership participating in the Partnership’s sponsorship of Visa Members and its Joint Ventures. See Disclaimer!

8.Reasonable Fees for Partnership Member’s Licensed Agent in the Country of Choice are met by the Partnership simultaneously upon a World Visa completion.

9.The Partnership shall seek additional financial assistant by Government Grants (if available) for Humanitarian Members from the Country of Choice sought by Applicants of the Partnership.

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