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1.Hong Kong FlagNOTE: The Hong Kong Business Resort shall be one of the early Business Resorts established with the Australian, Canadian, Caribbean and US Business Resorts. One of the Businesses of the Hong Kong Business Resort shall be a Private Bank Branch established via the USA World Holding (Bank) Company (WHC) listing through the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

World Holdings Half Column Logo2 smallThe purpose of the Private Bank Branches around the World are for carrying out the business of the  World Export Group LP as it is developed globally. The World Holding Corporation shall be developed as the Bank Holding Company under the name (yet to be approved by the FRB) as the World Export Private Bank (WEP Bank) for naming its International Bank Branches (“WEP Branches”).

The WEP Branches shall be funded through the Partnership with the Investor Visa Investments monies of the Country of Choice.

This works by way of the Visa Investors purchase the Equity Units or World Visa Certificates for the value of the Country Permanent Visa at a cost of same or similar amount at your desired cost of a *New Home.

The Partnership offers Hong Kong Immigrant Visa Investors the opportunity to Joint Venture with the Partnership with funding for the Joint Venture provided by the Partnership. The Disclaimer applies to this website.


The Joint Venture makes Hong Kong Applicant’s Visa for a Permanent Visa easier to overcome as a Work Permit or an Entrepreneur Visa under the Joint Venture. If you have been granted an entrepreneur visa and you have resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of at least seven years, you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence or “Right of Abode” in Hong Kong. *This may include a Partnership’s provided Home.

Otherwise, a Hong Kong Investment has many difficulties to overcome for many Entrepreneurs seeking a quick or direct investment to gain Permanent Residence Eligibility in Hong Kong (PR). Accordingly, the Partnership can arrange a suitable Investment Visa for gaining a Permanent Visa in an other Country/s (providing they are citizens of a Treaty Trader Country)

The World Visa Agenda operates in keeping with the Australian Corpora­tion Act 2001, in re­spect of Investment rules in Australia pursuant to Sec­tion 708 thereof (generally) including 5(b) “investments not made in Australia” …. (ini­tially), 8(a) and 8(b) re­quiring a minimum A$ 500,000 investments for So­phisticated Investors.


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