AThe World Export Group LP (Limited Partnership), hereinafter referred to as (the “Partnership”). The Partnership’s Business is of promoting its Visa Members through World Entrepreneur Visas as a Fast-Track mode for Permanent Visas in the Country of Choice.  The World Visa agenda provides its Visa Members with the opportunity of sharing the profits of the Partnership with many thousands of innovative businesses of Entrepreneurs throughout the World (the “Partnership’s Profits”). Refer World Fact Sheet!

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The "World Experience" Condo / Incubator Ship & Business Resort for Visa Members' Fast-Track Visa in a Country of Choice.

Suitable for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Retirees!

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3) The Condo is selected at time of Purchase for the World Visa value to represent the desired Home / Condo in the Country of Choice. Each World Visa has a minimum Condo cost of $500,000 and above.

2) The Children may be old enough to have a separate Bedroom or Cabin within the Condo or adjacent. This would depend on the size of the Temporary selected World Visa Condo.

1) Each Condo in the "World Experience" Ship is designed as a Temporary Home for the Principal Immigrant Investor to share with family.

Temporary Condo Living

Sample Condo Living Room

4) Note: Most Immigrant Visa Investments by major Countries do not permit Real Estate Development or Home purchase as a Legitimate investment to qualify for a Permanent Visa.

5) Each World Visa has a Joint Venture business opportunity included with the Partnership to allow Immigrant Visa Investors to qualify for a Permanent Country Visa with the opportunity of Citizenship.

6) The manner in which, allows the Partnership Members' to have Permanent Visa access in the Country of Choice is the Partnership's sharing of its valuable Global Copper Assets.

8) The Joint Ventures with the added funding from the the Partnership's Global Assets is managed through the use of the Partnership's International WEP Bank interests.

7) The Partnership's Global Copper Assets have a monetised value of approximately US$2.5 billion (or more) in staged funding for the benefit of the Partnership's Members. This is achieved through Joint Ventures.

Sample Ship Main Bedroom

9) The purpose of having the "World Experience" Business Resort Condo Ship as its Flag Ship, is to allow the World Visa Express to be used for Partnership's Visa Members to fast track the required Visa in the Country of Choice.

10) The "World Experience" is also used as a Business Incubator, to fast track the learning skills required for Visa Members to qualify for Major Country Visa Point System Approvals.

11) As a Business Incubator, the "World Experience" arranges English speaking Teachers and professionals for assisting language and work skills as may be required by Visa Members. The courses operate using the Ship's ocean-wide Internet .

12) School aged children are also accommodated with similar courses through the Internet for teaching all subjects of importance. Study courses for children shall also include access to coaching as required.

Sample Bathroom

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13) The Business Incubator of the "World Experience" also assists the improvement of Business opportunities available from the Partnership's Joint Ventures to fast track Members World Visa business income.

14) The next Slide provides a quick start outline of the World Export Group, the World Visa, the Joint Ventures and a host of expedited learning to get started with the selected Country's Permanent Visa.

Sample Kitchen Dining

The Export Import Group LP
(Limited Partnership)
'Australia ILP0000053'
In Association with:
World Visa Express
ABN: 22108311806
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A Quick Glance
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A Business Opportunity for Immigrant Visa Investors with a need to settle in a New Western Country including; (1) A Home; and Either 2 (a) a Joint Venture Business for earning a Management Profit Income; (b) Investment income; (c) Retiree Dividend Income; and (3) Ongoing Shared Profits with additional (*VCLP) Tax Exempt Carried-Through Capital Gain Profits of the "Partnership" as World "Visa Members" with no Risk, other than Visa Members' Initial Investment Under the Australian Limited Partnership NSW Act 1892; with (4) Additional US$250,000 to US$1,000,000 Venture Capital **arranged by the Partnership for each Joint Venture; to allow (5) Each Visa Member to Qualify as a "Permanent Entrepreneur Visa Holder" with Respective Family in the Country of Choice; while (6) adding to the Selected Country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Offer World Visa Members

*VCLP "Venture Capital Limited Partnership"

**World Holdings Corporation, Working Name Only Subject FRB Approval (Bank Holding Company).

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Are You Interested to Become World Visa Member?

(1) This short outline is suitable for those potential Visa Members whom have interest in becoming a Visa Member of the Partnership by purchasing a World Visa to benefit from acquiring a (US$500,000) + Home in their New Country with a Partnership Joint Venture Innovative Business (JV).

(2) The JV includes Working Capital provided by the Partnership through an associated third party as required by most Governments of Countries offering Permanent Visas for Entrepreneur Visa Applicants. Those Countries include Australia, Canada, USA and others.

(3) Each Business JV is a separate JV under the Management Skills of the Visa Member or paid employees. This may include Export / Import Business or other related Innovative business'.

(4) Applicants interested in becoming Visa Members may register direct through World Visa Express. Which also operates as an on-line Shop for Visa Members to Register.

(5) Click on the Logo to Visit the Home Page of the On-Line Shop to view the 30 Day Free US$5,000 Refundable Trial if Non-Agreement:

Double Click to Expedite!

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World Visa Cerificate USA+Frame Image 20-03-2018

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BPrincipally, the Partnership works with the World Holdings Corporation in Australia with a mirror World Holdings (US) Corporation being formed in the USA (WHC-USA). WHC-USA shall foster or encourage development of a substantial number of innovative start-ups as joint ventures with the Partnership. This fostering includes Partnership funding being available from US$250,000 to US$1,000,000 in the Country of Choice of Entrepreneur Investors wishing to resettle in a different Country.

Entrepreneur Visa Final5

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CReaders of this Website will appreciate substantial reference is made to Entrepreneur Visa Investors with innovative products or ventures for obtaining almost immediate access to a Country of Choice through a Temporary Visa with their families.   However, the Partnership’s “World Visa” was always designed as a fast track to Country Visas for Immigrant Visa Investors prior to Governments promoting Temporary Visas as mentioned above.

D1Immigrant Visa Investors or Agents in this field may appreciate Global Leaders of Western Countries are taking steps to restrict potential Citizens of their Countries to qualify through a Point System for several Countries using Entrepreneur Visas. This is achieved while also offering the existing Immigrant Visa Investment Country programs. Similarly, the Partnership also provides for all Immigrant Investor Visas as below:

Entrepreneur Plus Visa4

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E1Any of the thousands of Immigrant Visa Investors seeking a new Country Home can also benefit from a World Visa / Entrepreneur Visa through an initial Temporary Visa as promoted by the Partnership as shown above. This also works for Investor / Retiree Visa Investors as shown below:

Entrepreneur Investor Visa5

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The World US EB-5 Visa and the World US EB-6 Parole Temporary Resident exemption have become difficult to expedite for Entrepreneur Applicants. India and many other Countries including Vietnam have a wait list of up to 10 years or more for USA’s EB-5 Visa.

For that reason, the Partnership, has sought more expedient manner for its Visa Members to qualify for the Entrepreneur USA Permanent Visa all similar to other Countries for the World Visa, such as Australia, Canada and other Island Nations. See the USA’s E2 and EB-2 Visa below as a guide and the info page being promoted by the Partnership: http://worldexportgrouplp.com/world-us-eb2-visa/  

Entrepreneur Visa E2+EB-2 Outline-2

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G1The Use of the Partnership’s Entrepreneur Visa is mainly used for those Immigrant Visa Investors whom have an innovative product or venture to develop in the Country of Choice as a Temporary Visa of four (4) years with extensions subject to Venture Capital being available for the Venture’s development.

NOTE: (1) Temporary Visas are Work visas issued to non-citizens who wish to work in the Country of Choice. There are two types of work visas: immigrant and non-immigrant. Immigrant visas are issued to workers whom are legally in the Country of Choice, and are so classified depending on whether the worker has already applied for permanent residence such as an Entrepreneur Visa or similar. (2) Non-immigrant visas include temporary visas for various other Immigrant Visa applications not wishing to live permanently in the Country of Choice.

An Entrepreneur Visa Application may also apply for any suitable business offered by the Immigrant Visa Investor subject to (a) venture capital funding raised by third parties (b) having the required language skills; (c) self sufficient for themselves and their families for at least 5 years or more while; (d) incorporating their work skills or investment reserves.

Australia, Canada and the USA (“Green Card”) have adopted the “Points” G1system as set out in more detail below as a Quick Glance for an expedited World Visa with venture Capital Funding provided by the Partnership.

1-australian-passport 1-canadian_passport 1-usa-pasport2
(1) The World Export Group LP (WEG or the Partnership) is an Australian Limited Partnership with expansion plans to service most Western Countries directly with its Entrepreneur World Visa for its various businesses.

(2) This is achieved through joint ventures with Immigrant Visa Investors with funding provided by the Partnership’s General Partner taking all Partnership Risks for its: (“Visa Members”).

(3) Visa Members qualify for the Partnership’s World Visa to expedite all forms of Country Visas in a Country of Choice with added Venture Capital Funding provided by or arranged by the Partnership.

(4) This is achieved with the help of the General Partner arranging US$ 250,000 to US$ 1million Joint Venture self liquidating funding from its WEP Bank as a 3rd Party for a Permanent Visa.

(5) Visa Members qualify for 30% to 49% free equity in the Joint Venture and must meet qualifications required by the Country’s Point System, which may include Police Report, with work and language skill competency.

(6) Most Countries have strict qualifications for Entrepreneur Visa Investors to follow with the Partnership for a Permanent Visa. The “World Experience” Incubator  ship  shall assist with qualified teaching  staff.

Line Green Image

(7.1) The World Visa with its Venture Capital Joint Ventures are provided in such a manner to fast track permanent residency in a Country of Choice for its Visa Members, namely Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the USA. Other Countries assisting in the Fast Tracking of Permanent Visas are British Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean (TCI) and Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Vanuatu has physical and close relationship with Australia.World Experience Fronal View

(7.2) Moreover, many of the Western Countries are competing for Immigrant Visa Investors with innovative ideas or concepts to merge into their specific Country of whom are self sufficient financially, competent in English and have work skills to satisfy the Countries’ Point Systems.

Ambergris Cay Airport Small(7.3) Accordingly, the Partnership’s Export / Import Business and its Entrepreneur World Visa Vision are designed around those necessary qualifications using its current negotiated “World Experience” Business Incubator and the British TCI and Vanuatu Business Resorts. Click section images for more info. Port Vila Downtown Image

(7.4) The Contents of this Website are to provide an open understanding of the Partnership’s Joint Venture and Entrepreneur World Visa and how it works for Immigrant Visa Investors to settle eventually in the Country of Choice for Australia, Canada and USA. More Countries shall follow while listing its Bank Holding Company, “World Holdings (US) Corp.” (WHC-USA)  on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

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Immigrant Visa Investors are invited to Fast-Track through the following Countries!
Passport Framed1

Line Green Image

While Utilising the “World Experience” Business Resort Incubator!

world-experience-ship1Line Green Image

World Experience Ship Business Incubator

British TCI Caribbean Business Incubator 

Vanuatu South Pacific Business Incubator

(8) The Partnership is currently arranging purchase of the “World Experience” ship for its Visa Members to use as a fast-track mode of settling into the Country of Choice through its World Entrepreneur Visa Vision.

(9) This includes creating the World Experience as a Business Incubator with Temporary Condo living with family while creating innovative TSX Listed Businesses while optionally cruising the  World.

(10) World Experience is a work-horse while providing part condo living to finalise the Country of Choice which  may include a Permanent Visa family home or a condo facility in TCI as an extension to the Incubator Program.

(11) Final Common-wealth Countries may include Australia, Canada and USA with TSX future Incubator Listings.

(12) “World Experience”  would be the first Busi­ness Resort under­taken by the Partnership following the World Holdings Corp. (WHC-USA) formed in Flor­ida for the Partnership’s Export / Import Busi­ness with its Interna­tional Private Bank.

(13) The Islands of Vanuatu shall also work as an Incubator with Australian ties to expedite the World Entrepreneur Visa.

Line Green Image

World Experience Global Sea Route Map Shenzhen ‘A’ to Miami ‘P’

World Experience Map Line Green Image

  The World Experience (W-EX)         World Experience Export / Import  World Experience Innovative Business’ 
(14) The Return Cruising Plan for W-EX is shown in the “Out and Return Map” above.

(15) The thinking behind this cruise plan is to recruit additional Entrepreneur Visa Investors for the Export / Import Business of the Partner-ship; while earning a substantial living, learning language and work skills for Innovative business.

(16) The World Export / Import Business  of the Partnership has many facets while in­cluding the develop­ment of the Business Resorts selected around the World .

(17) The Business Resorts are selected in Key Cities for Commerce / Living and Play. They are built around community living and creating innovative work opportunities.

(18) The W-EX Business Resort shall boost the Ex­port Business of the Part­nership’s and re­lated Businesses’ with its Visa members as a fast start to select the Country of Choice.

(19) The Countries shall also include the Entrepreneur Plus Visa Vision in two stages, which shall correspond with a Temporary Country Visa. as stage one using the World Experience.

Line Green Image

World Experience Business Resort

World Experience Fronal View

TCI Business Resort to Fast Track Passport


 Vanuatu Business Resort to Fast Track Passport

Vanuatu Passport

(20) As the first Busi­ness Resort, World Experience would be under­taken following the WHC-USA Company formed in Flor­ida for the Partnership’s Bank Holding Company.

(21) This Company shall carry out Interna­tional Banking through the Business Resorts for the Partnership’s Business.

(22) The TCI Business Resort shall be developed to fast track Land Condo living for the Visa Members in order to qualify for Permanent Residency Certificate (PRC) and subsequent Passport as Stage One.

(23) TCI Citizenship is provided after 5 years which can qualify for USA / UK Citizenship.

(24) Similarly, Port Vila, Vanuatu shall expedite Visa and Passport with the development of the Partnership’s Business and Vanuatu Business Resort.

(25) Once the Visa Member has the appropriate Skills in Work and Language the Partnership can arrange a Permanent Visa in Australia, Canada, USA using Entrepreneur Visas.

NOTE: Should Visa Members not require Condo involvement with the World Experience Ship and wish to move directly to a Government of Country Choice World Visa as Stage Two, that can still be arranged at a discounted Visa cost with a Non-Recourse Home Loan. This can be achieved through the Partnership under the various Countries’ Government investment programs for the Entrepreneurial facility in the Country of Choice.

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Entrepreneur Fast Track Diagram
Application 30 Day World Visa Link1

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