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WHC is the Acronym for World Holding Corporation (WHC) being the Australian Business Name reserved for a selected Bank Holding Corporation to hold all of the assets of the Partnership (World Export Group LP) at present and into the Future pending purchase by the US World Holding Corporation as the principal Bank Holding Company as hereinafter provided (WHC-USA) .

Free Bonus Equity SharesThe Australian WHC Business Name Number (ABN) 22 108 311 806) was granted February 05 2017 and shall be used to form the World Holding Corporation Name in the USA and Canada initially for listing a Bank Holding Company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

TSX Image-SmallThe Purpose of establishing a Bank Holding Company in the USA with a listing Counterpart in Vancouver, Canada for the TSX Listing is to grow the Business of the WEG Partnership for its Members with access to substantial funds and benefits to Members.

WHC+WEG Diagram1c

World Visa Funding Certificate US$ 500,000+Frame1 Image

Note: (1) The diagram above allows for the Founding Partners to invest (up to US$10 million) collectively with the remaining Members investing initially in the Australian World Investments (as the General Partner) for the World Export Group LP.  Founding Partners are restricted to a first-come-first-served basis for the bonus available as Free Equity.

Note: (2) The Founding Partners receive their value of Visa Investment in the World Export Group LP (WEG) for their World Visa with other Visa Members. However,  Founding Partners receive the same value of their World Visa in the Country of Choice with Capital Equity share (US$ for US$) in the USA World Holdings Corporation (US-WHC) as the “Bank Holding Corporation” as an “Early Participation Bonus”. The Early Participation Bonus is held in Escrow as shown below following listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange as mentioned in the Partnership Agreement:

TSX Escrow Share Releases

Note: (3) The Founding Partners therefore shall have two lines of Profits from the Transaction, apart from the (1) World Visa, Venture Partner Loan monies for their Export Import Business and their Non-Recourse Home Loan as all Members, with (2) the additional Profits from the Bank Holding Company and all its International Branches.

NOTE: (4) (3) The Founding Partners can benefit from dividend payments from WEP Bank Branches for as long as they retain the Free Equity Shares in the WHC (USA) for up to 18 months as shown in Note (5) below. After 18 months, the Escrow Agreement lapses and the Founding Partners are free to sell progressively in the Tables or retain their Free Equity Investment with a continued payment of dividends.

NOTE: (5) “board lot” means 100 securities having a market value of $1.00 per security or greater; 500 securities having a market value of less than $1.00 and not less than 10¢ per security; or 1,000 securities having a market value of less than 10¢ per security;

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