Free Visa Membership

World Visa Express Arrow Logo1.The World Export Group LP (the “Partnership”) offers Applicants a 30 day Free Trial through the Partnership’s subsidiary Company “World Visa Express” which, acts as a Shop to fast Track the Membership of Applicants for a 30 Day Free Trial.

2.The Application for the World Visa as an Exempt Security pursuant to the Limited Partnership Act 1892 as amended and Section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001 (as may apply).

3.The Free Application provides Visa Members the opportunity of purchasing a US$5,000.00 Refundable 50% Deposit of a Partnership World Visa “Unit” (the Free Visa Membership”) as Part (1) of US$10,000.00 Purchase, which shall cause a Contract as Part (2) between the Applicant Member and the Partnership (the “Consideration Unit”).

4.The Unit is for acquiring an equity value Consideration of a Permanent Visa in the Country of Choice with the non-recourse Home Loan and Self Liquidating Venture Capital Partnership Investment shall be as set out in the Partnership Agreement. Additional Quick Glance of the Visa Membership can be viewed at the Fact Sheet Link.

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