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1.Canadian FlagThe Canadian Business Resort shall be one of the early Business Resorts established in Vancouver with the Australian and US Business Resorts. One of the Businesses of the Canadian Business Resort shall be commenced with a Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) listing as a Private Holding Bank. The Holding Bank Company shall establish various Branch Banks around the World for carrying out the business of the  World Export Group LP. Other early Business Resort shall include Caribbean (TCI) incorporating Ambergris Cay and Hong Kong.

The purpose of the Private Bank Branches around the World are for carrying out the business of the World Export Group LP as it is developed globally with Immigrant Visa Investor / Members for creating jobs and new homes for resettlement with humanitarian causes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.22.32 AMSimilar to the Australian Sydney Business Resort, The Canadian Business Resort is to be incorporated within the Vancouver Waterfront Access Project. This project is similar to the Australian Olympic Park project and undertaken by the State Government to include the necessary infrastructure needed.

The project was completed in early 2014. The next development milestone was the installation of deep underground infrastructure at the southern end of Columbia Street.

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The Vancouver Business Resort infrastructure is designed to be modelled on super fast Technology from internet connection with close proximity to transport, schools, hospitals and modern business offices established as required close to the CBD of Vancouver for incorporated apartment living. Those needing CBD living, home and apartment lifestyles are available at Vancouver or other suitable areas 20 minutes or less away from the CBD by rapid transport or motor vehicle.Exec Vancouver4

Note: The Business Jets and Yachts for the World Business Resorts are considered essential part of the living and working environment for the Business Resort’s Export / Import, development and other businesses of the Partnership’s Members. The costs are adjusted against the profits of the Partnership’s Businesses.

Accordingly, the Partnership believes by having all the tools available for its business oriented Visa Members, from all parts of the World many opportunities may be explored to produce a case for good use of the Business Jet or Yacht, apart from Members’ private Charter. The Partnership’s appointed ‘Members’ Oversight Committee’ assists in the management of the Partnership’s Businesses generally including thoughtful use of the Partnership’s Infrastructure.

The World Visa Program operates in keeping with the Australian Corporation Act 2001, in respect of Investment rules in Australia pursuant to Section 708 thereof (generally) including 5(b) “investments not made in Australia” …. (initially), 8(a) and 8(b) requiring a minimum A$ 500,000 investments for Sophisticated Investors.

The Partnership’s World Visa operates under the revised Rules of the Canadian Government. Please refer to the Canadian section of the World Visa link.

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