British (TCI) Biz Resort

(3) The Partnership aims to substantially assist its Visa Members with increasing access to substantial funding of the Partnership’s Joint Ventures with its Visa Members.

(1) Grand Turk Island contains the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean as shown in the Map below.

(2) The Partnership is developing its principal Business Resort in the Region to cover the whole of the Americas, which includes North and South America  and the surrounding Region.

Turks & Caicos Islands(4) TCI is the acronym for Turks and Caicos Islands shown at ‘A’ in the map immediately below, which is only 1.5 Hours flying time to Miami, Florida, USA indicated by closeness below.

(5) Grand Turk is shown at the Bottom Right, Cockburn Town (with Major Airport) of the Map above. Development of TCI with staff and housing to be managed from the Partnership’s Team.

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(6) The Entrepreneur World Visa info shown below can be amended as required to suit the
requirements for all Visa Members in TCI or any other Country of Choice to provide a Permanent Visa for Visa Members. In TCI a  Permanent Visa is known as “Permanent Resident Certificate’ (PRC).

(7) PRC Holders can hold a PRC Certificate to travel and reside in another Country of Choice subject to the Rules of the Certificate, until the end of five (5) Years, when a Permanent Citizenship Passport can be obtained.

(8) Such Citizenship shall allow Visa Members to maintain a Home or Business in TCI for five (5) years before obtaining Citizenship as a TCI “Belonger” or Citizen.

(9) Pending Citizenship, PRC Holders may travel and reside for short stay visits in UK or other Countries as long as their Permanent Address remains in TCI. Thereafter, Visa Members may seek other Citizenship in other Countries such as Australia and USA if needed on the strength of the British TCI Passport.

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The Partnership’s Grand Turk (TCI) Business Resort

(1) Visa Members living on TCI shall allow first class accommodation and living standard in the Grand Turk Business Resort.

(2) Moreover, negotiations are in progress to acquire an existing Development Approval (DA) by another Company (“Orion”), which is for current sale. The DA covers various areas of the North Creek from numbers (1) to (8) in the numbered ‘Yellow Map’ extracted [from the Business Plan – Page 5) as shown in the Combined  TCI World US Bank & Trust ‘GRAND TURK BUSINESS RESORT TCI’ [further below].

(3) The existing DA by Orion may need additional redesign to suit the Grand Turk Business Resort, which may include a (1) modern Medical Centre with Helicopter Emergency Service to cover other TCI Islands with the need; (2) Retirement Village; (3) a Combined Modern Business Resort; including (4) a Modern over water Shopping Center within a Condo Village; as (5) the basis of the Business Resort Development as set out below:

(4) The Grand Turk area of North Creek is conducive to modern day development practices. This is achieved by combining building over water with the possibility of expanding Land Titles from the dredging of North Creak.

(5) This dredging is to insure draft clearance for the “World Experience” Condo Ship, which; with dredging can be designed to create additional water front dredged-land to extend or amalgamate existing Land Titles.

(6) The overall Business Resort thereafter could be treated throughout as a Tropical village atmosphere by bringing the Land and Water of the North Creek Together as photo sampled below:

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TCI World US Bank and Grand Turk Business Resort – Business Plan – Download

World Export Group LP – NSW, (ILP 0000053) Australia


Note: See more details of “World Experience” for Visiting TCI.

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Application 30 Day World Visa Link1

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