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1. Australian FlagINTRODUCTION: The “World Export Visa Group LP” is an Australian Limited Partnership as shown in the link above, (the Partnership).

The Australian Business Resort is designed for the World Visa which is also shown in the permanent links above.

The Australia Business Resort shall be one of the early Business Resorts established with the Canadian, Hong Kong and US Business Resorts. One of the Businesses of the Australian Business Resort shall be a Private Bank Branch established through the USA Private Holding  Bank Company listing on the Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Australian Ocean View

The purpose of the Private Bank Branches around the World are for carrying out the business of the  World Export Group LP as it is developed globally.

This page explains how the World Visa Works with the Australian Permanent Resident Visa. It also outlines how the Visa Investors obtain value for the money invested and how they can obtain a quick entry into Australia with the Partnership’s Export and other businesses.

The World Visa  works with the Australian Government’s (Permanent) “Business Talent Visa Subclass 132″ initially at a minimal Government registration cost for the Applicant and its immediate family.

The World Visa Agenda

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World Visa Funding Diagram1

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See Australian Visa Application Charges (VAC) for the Subclass 132 Visa Link for the initial charges to work with the Treaty Trader Programs around the World using comparable Visas, i.e. (Canada and USA (E-1) / E-2). Australia, appears to have an outdated matching E-3 for the USA and Canada under the NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement)?

The Business Talent Permanent Visa Subclass 132 appears to be a replacement for the E-3 Visa above. This Visa allows Visa Investors to initially  invest their money into Australian Enterprises as set out in the “Requirements” of the Permanent Visa Subclass 132 shown below.

Visa 132 Image

Click on the Image above to enlarge:

What this visa lets you do

The Business Talent visa (subclass 132) allows you to establish a new or develop an existing business in Australia with the Partnership.

This is a permanent residence visa. It lets you and any family members who have also been granted this visa:

1     Stay in Australia indefinitely

2     Work and study in Australia

3     Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses

4     Apply for Australian citizenship (if you are eligible)

5     Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence

The Permanent Visa 132 Subclass allows travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted (after that time), you will need a resident return visa or another visa to return to Australia (such as the Resident Return Visa 155 and 157 Subclass that gives a further 5 years.) Note: Visa Members may qualify for the Australian Visas offered in this Website subject to meeting the Australian Border and Immigration Protection requirements.

Australian Government’s Subclass 132 Visa Program – Vs. –

Partnership’s World Visa Agenda (in Blue)

As a Free Limited Partner to the Partnership, the Partnership shall seek Visa Members’  nomination by a State, Territory Government or Austrade on behalf of the Australian Government before being invited to apply for this visa, subject to an Expression of Interest (EOI). The Partnership for the World Visa makes Application direct to Austrade on Investor’s behalf as part of the Partnership’s Export / Import Business and related projects as a Free Provisional Visa Member to the Partnership
1 The Permanent Visa (subclass 132) is valid for four years and will allow you to move to NSW or other States to undertake business or investment activity with the Partnership.Otherwise, a Temporary 188 Visa replacement with an investment of AUD1,500,000 or at least a Subclass 888 Visa, AUD5,000,000 value for a Permanent Visa. The World Visa: allows immediate approval for Visa Work and living conditions for up to at least (4) years through a Permanent 132 Visa.This arrangement may include use of a home of choice agreed by the Partnership while the Business is also agreed to with the Partnership allowing the AUD5,000,000 Subclass 888 Visa to be matched as shown below.
2 Significant Investor Stream: for people who are willing to invest at least AUD5million into complying significant investments in Australia and want to maintain business and investment activity in Australia.Applicants can be nominated by a state or territory government or Austrade on behalf of the Australian government. The World Visa: allows Visa Members to hold the 132 Subclass Visa by a written Agreement (with reciprocal rights to change Countries’ Business Resorts’) for Permanent VISA pending lapsing of the 132 Subclass at a costs from USD500,000 to A$1,500,000 over 12 months to  qualify pending the issue of a Subclass 888 Visa for Permanent Australian Visa with the additional payment  of AUD3,500,000.
3 Premium Investor stream: for people who are willing to invest at least AUD15million into complying premium investments in Australia and want to maintain business and investment activity in Australia. World Visas are based mainly on producing businesses and homes throughout the Business Resorts or Communities in Countries to any amount above AUD10,000,000 which may include infrastructure investing in the Country to increase its Gross Domestic Product and produce Jobs (GDP).

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 BTHE TRUSTEE: The VAC Charges in ‘A’ above are initially paid to the Hong Kong Trustee for the Partnership who will make arrangements for the Visa Member’s Subclass Visa 132 Member and his / her family to travel to Australia following the Visa Member’s signing the Partnership Agreement with the Trustee (Electronically). The Agreement shall include the Terms agreed with the Trustee, which shall incorporate details of the respective home  / business value or  employment / retirement interest within the Australian Business Resort or adjacent communities as mentioned in this website.

The Trustee is the Partnership’s Hong Kong and Chinese Solicitors, Tung, Ng, Tse & Heung, founded in May 1997 as Messrs. George Tung & Jimmy Ng. Today, the firm’s name has been changed to Tung, Ng, Tse & Heung with the joining of Mr. Valent Tse and Mr. Eric Heung as Partners in August 1997 and December 2005 respectively.

Address: 26/F., CMA Building, 64 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong



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CPARTNERSHIP’S WORLD VISA: The Partnership’s World Visa operates similar to the  Australian Visa Significant Investor Visa Agenda (SIV) Stream SC188 (A$1,500,000), SC888 (A$5,000,000) and the Premium Investor Visa (A$15,000,000) mentioned in the Note below.

Note: The duration of a provisional Premium Investor visa is four years and three months. Premium Investor visa holders can apply for the subclass 888 permanent Premium Investor visa after twelve months, or they can remain on a provisional Premium Investor visa for up to four years and three months and apply for the subclass 888 at any time after having held their visa for twelve months, provided they maintain their complying investment.

The Partnership operates its World Visa Agenda in Australia and other Western selected Counties to Maximise the Partnership’s Immigrant Visa Investors’ Limited Partners’ Visa experience with flexibility as Visa Members to the Partnership (the “Visa Members”).

The World Visa Agenda operates in keeping with the Australian Corporation Act 2001, in respect of Investment rules in Australia pursuant to Section 708 thereof (generally) including 5(b) “investments not made in Australia” …. (initially), 8(a) and 8(b) requiring a minimum A$ 500,000 investments for Sophisticated Investors.

The basis of the Partnership’s World Visa Agenda is to ensure all Visa Member’s Investment Funds (in the Partnership Units below) are protected by initially having the invested funds held in Trust with the Partnership’s Hong Kong Solicitors’ Trust Account (above ‘B’) prior to securing in the Partnership’s World Export Bank in the name of the Partnership (see) “Financing the Business of the Partnership” @ (F) below pending issue of the selected Country’s Permanent Visa to Visa Members as may apply (the “WEP Bank”).

Copper-CableThe Partnership’s World Visa is designed on the back of its copper cable asset with a net value US$1.361 billion to fund and guarantee Immigrant Visa Investors wishing to relocate to Australia as an Immigrant Visa Investor with assignment of the Cable Asset to the WEP Bank as mentioned in this website (the “Cable Asset”).

1) The Immigrant Visa Investors desiring to become a Limited Partner in the Partnership to qualify for a World Visa must INVEST in the UNITS OF THE PARTNERSHIP through the Partnership’s TRUSEE mentioned above of which shall be endorsed by the WEP Bank upon the Trustee depositing the Investment Monies in the WEP Bank (the “Endorsed Units”).

Bank Endorsed Stamp12) Once the Endorsed Units are issued to the Visa Members (progressively) the Partnership shall issue the World Visa to the Visa Members as per the sample World Visa attached incorporating the Partnership’s notification of the Partnership’s Sponsorship of the Visa Member and his / her direct family children members.

World Visa Certificate Australia + Frame3) The World Visa is based on commencing with the Subclass 132 Visa as the target for using the World Visa as shown as a Permanent Visa. This 132 Visa allows Visa Members to fast track their settlement in Australia with the Partnership’s assistance in gaining approval for Visa Members’ Invitation to make an application for the 132 Visa. Click on Image to enlarge or Right Click to open. Use Browser Button to return.

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D1Australian Business Resort (Communities)

Sydney Harbour 1582 x 882The initial Australian Business Resort (community) shall be undertaken by the Partnership in Sydney, Australian through the purchase of an existing suitable commercial building or vacant land in close proximity to the Sydney CBD.

The purchase shall permit a major mixed development for both living and commercial use suitable for the Global Reach intended by the Partnership for its primary export / import business operation with other major developments or businesses throughout Australia.

Sydney CBD Image

Separate Community home Living shall also be available for those Visa Members wishing to work from home or retirees.

10 Precincts – 1 unique urban centre


The structuring principles that underpin Master Plan 2030 have been developed using the key Olympic urban and landscape elements as ordering devices.

This has facilitated the development of 10 distinct precincts, each of which will generate − through the staged implementation of Master Plan 2030 − the specific characteristics that will make Sydney Olympic Park not only a premium destination for major events and recreational and entertainment activities, but also a worldclass urban centre where people work, live, learn and play.


This precinct is fast becoming the heart of a new, modern town. Currently characterised by low-density commercial and industrial buildings, Central will progressively evolve into a mixed-use urban neighborhood with commercial offices, retail and residential uses.

The majority of commercial and retail uses within Central will be concentrated around the existing train station and significant public places such as Jacaranda Square and Station Square.

A network of new streets and local parks will continue Central’s transformation into a lively, pedestrian-oriented precinct that will be ideal for a new residential community that will call Sydney Olympic Park home in the coming years.


Lifestyle is an exclusive member benefits program designed to enhance the lives of employees and residents of the Sydney Olympic Park area.

Members receive discounted, priority and convenient access to a diverse range of facilities, services and events located in and around the Park.

It’s all about community

The founding partners see Lifestyle transforming the Park into a vibrant, diverse environment for employees and residents, differentiating Sydney Olympic Park from other suburbs and business precincts in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. The program will create a more rewarding environment, attracting and retaining employees, investors and tenants and, in time, will contribute to the growth and sense of community within the Park.

How does it work?

The Lifestyle card is the key to all available offers, whilst the website and regular member emails are the primary tools for members to stay informed.

The website details events, activities and discounts on offer, and captures member’s interests and feedback in order to influence future offers and services based on member needs.

The Business of the Partnership shall be assorted from Export / Import Businesses through the Global Business Resorts as established including Immigrant Visa Investors globally wishing to reside in Sydney or other Business Resorts Globally.

In addition, general business of the Partnership shall be in the construction and development of prime land and building technique’s, through its own or affiliated Architectural and Engineering firms and any number of assorted businesses.

These Partnership businesses would include Joint Venture Businesses with the Partnership’s Visa Members.

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E1The Business of the Partnership

The Business of the Partnership shall be assorted from Export / Import Businesses through the Global Business Resorts as established including Immigrant Visa Investors globally wishing to reside in Sydney or other Business Resorts Globally.

Modern Apartment Living2In addition, general business of the Partnership shall be in the construction and development of prime land and building technique’s, through its own or affiliated Architectural and Engineering firms and any number of assorted businesses.

These Partnership businesses would include Joint Venture Businesses with the Partnership’s Visa Members.

The Joint Ventures would incorporate participation with the Partnership in the lucrative Export / Import Business with products to and from Visa Members’ Native Countries or other Country Business Resorts of the Partnership.

The Partnership is prepared to finance such ventures with the assistance of the WEP Bank.

The WEP Bank (“World Export Private Bank”) is establishes for the Export / Import Business Internationally pursuant to Section 25A of the Federal Reserve Board Act as attached at the link: Federal Reserve Act Sect 25A

F1Financing the Business of the Partnership

Financing the business of the partnership is arranged through the USA WEP Bank established by the Partnership Pursuant Federal Reserve Act Sect 25A  (the “Act”) or its International Branches including Australia.

  1. It is to be noted Visa Members of the Partnership are required to invest IN THE PARTNERSHIP’S UNITS to become a Limited Partner in the Partnership and become qualified to obtain the agreed (Value) Australian investment Business Visa through the Partnership’s World Visa Agenda [i.e upon any replacement of the 132 Visa Subclass with either SC888 A$5,000,000] or [Premium Investor A$15,000,000 or more] (the “Units”.) Note: See what you can do with the Subclass 132 Visa image below: “Travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted (after that time), you will need a resident return visa or another visa to return to Australia.”
  2. Bank Endorsed Stamp1The Visa Members’ security in purchasing the Partnership Units is physically endorsed (Stamped) by the WEP Bank through the Trustee’s instructions upon the Trustee depositing the Visa Members’ investment monies to the Partnership on deposit with the WEP Bank in exchange for the Bank Endorsed Units (the Cash Deposits) in the name of the Trustee (the “Bank Endorsed Units”).
  3. The initial Assets of the WEP Bank is the Assignment of the Partnership’s Copper Cable Asset of the Partnership to the WEP Bank with a net value of USD1.361 billion in addition to other approved banking business approved by the Federal Reserve Act Sect 25A.
  4. Australian TowersPursuant to the USA Banking Regulations (and Banking Rules Generally) deposits to the WEP Bank become Assets of the Bank pending withdrawal by the Trustee of the Cash Deposits as may be required under the Trust Agreement between the Trustee and the Partnership.
  5. Meanwhile, the WEP Bank funds the Working Capital as required to the Partnership to carry out the development of the Business Resorts and Non-Recourse Home Loans (or alternate Business and Retirement Loans) to Venture Partners for five (5) years (the “Loan Term”).
  6. Upon completion of the Loan Term the selected Permanent Visa is released by the Trustee to the Visa Member and the Non-Recourse Loan is forgiven to the Visa Member with Clear Title as may be required.

G1The Business Resorts Infrastructure

The Australian Business Resort infrastructure is designed to be modelled on super fast Technology from internet connection, close proximity to transport, schools, hospitals and modern business offices established as required in the CBD of Sydney with incorporated apartment living for those needing CBD living.

Alternatively, home and apartment lifestyles are available at Olympic Park or other suitable areas 20 minutes or less away from the CBD by rapid transport or motor vehicle.

Screen-Shot-2013-12-13-at-1.54.29-pm-e1451588381463When this is coupled with the Partnership’s own Business Jet for fast ease of travel to any part of Australia for the Partnership’s business needs incorporating 20 / 30 minutes travel time for International Travel. Includes business relaxation requirements with the Partnership’s own Business Yacht for important client dealings.

1.Sunseeker-1a-e1451588952153The Business Jet and Yacht are considered essential part of the living and working environment for the Business Resort’s Export / Import, development and other businesses of the Partnership for use by Members and the Oversight Committee shown below.

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G1Management of the Partnership

Central-Bank-Design-e1451599908721Limited Partners (Visa Members) are not permitted to manage the “Partnership” without needing to accept any risk of the Partnership. Management of the Partnership is left with World Investments as the General Partner of the Partnership. Visa Partners are permitted to operate any of the other businesses of the Partnership or gain employment from the said Businesses.

The Oversight Committee

The General Partner shall from a panel of interested Members interested in participating in an Oversight Committee of the businesses to be undertaken within Australia on behalf of the Partnership as a form of employment by the Partnership without sharing in any risk of the Partnership.

Australian Long Term Investment Plan

Australia-Approx-Land-Purchase-AreaTHE Australian Government Coalition is developing an ambitious plan to double Australia’s agricultural production by the middle of the century through a network of new dams in the Top End, which would open up millions of hectares of under-utilised land to food production.

A Coalition policy development taskforce headed by opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb is eyeing projects across the Top End, including the third stage of the Ord River project in Western Australia and the Daly River in the Northern Territory, and developing dams that have been on the drawing board in far north Queensland on the Gilbert and Flinders rivers. See Australian Food Bowl. 

World Visa Funding Diagram2

Application 30 Day World Visa Link1

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