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Please complete and submit the following information for your 30 day Free World Visa for the Country of Choice and World Visa sought from the list available below.

Please Note: All Applications are subject to the Disclaimer as shown at the following link: .

Bullet World(1) Applicant Interested in Purchasing a World Visa for Self & Family as Visa Member.

Bullet World(2) Partnership’s Sales Executives Make Contacts Direct to Check Needs and Time Lines.

Bullet World(3) Partnership Drafts Free 30 Day Partnership Agreement for Approval by Applicants.

Bullet World(4) Applicants Agree to Free Agreement by Sign­ing and Paying a Refunda­ble US$5,000 Deposit.

Bullet World(5) End of the 30 Day Free Trial (if not can­celled) the Applicant agrees to pay a Further US$5,000

Bullet World(6) The US$10,000 Funds are then accepted as the Consideration for the Contract to Proceed.

Bullet World(7) The Terms of the Agreement include for the remaining payment for the World Visa shall be made through the Partnership’s Hong Kong nominated Trustee Direct on behalf of the Partnership for the Partnership’s World Visa Unit Value (the “Partnership’s Funds”).

Bullet WorldTrustee is used as the Custodian of the Funds to Guarantee the Partnership’s Funds are transferred to the USA Bank Holding Company or one of its International Branches. See World Visa Price List.

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