Agreement Consideration

The sample Certificate below is provided as a Temporary Certificate once the Visa Applicant has decided to proceed with the Partnership for the Purchase of a World Visa including the future payment terms for the Visa Partnership Agreement  as set out below (the “Partnership Agreement“).

1.Upon Agreement in writing by email to move forward with the signing of the Partnership Agreement, the Applicant shall pay a REFUNDABLE US$5,000.00 deposit to the Partnership through the Partnership’s on-line shop for the Partnership’s preparation thereof with the Applicant for the Partnership Signed Agreement incorporating the agreed terms for an Equity Unit of the Partnership (World Visa) as agreed (the “Partnership’s Signed Agreement”).

2.Such signed agreement shall require a further US$5,000.00 paid through the Partnership’s on-Line Shop for the Partnership’s signed Agreement as agreed totalling the US$10,000.00 Consideration Fee for the duly signed Visa Members  of the Partnership Signed Agreement.

3.Once the Partnership Agreement is signed, the Visa Member becomes a Member of the Partnership with the final US$5,000.00 payment of the Consideration Fee (adjustable against future World Visa Payments) and receives an initial World Visa Certificate for 30 days (the “World Visa Certificate”) as the initial “Consideration” for the Partnership Agreement (the “Agreement Consideration Fee”).

World Export 30 day Visa Sample Certificate .001

4.The Partnership Agreement permits the Visa Member to pay the total World Visa amount within 30 days or the payments as agreed at the end of 30 days within the Payment Terms of the Partnership Agreement, less the US$ 10,000.00 Consideration for an updated World Visa Certificate Bank Endorsed to Match the Payments made as agreed (the “Bank Endorsed World Visa”).

5.A sample copy of the Bank Endorsed World Visa is shown below:

World Visa Certificate USA Colour.001

world-visa-certificate-sample-page-2-usa Line Green Image

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