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World Visa Story at a Glance

4) The Business of the General Partner on behalf of the Partnership deals generally as an Export / Import business with added Innovative Projects and Ventures under Joint Ventures with its Visa Members.

About the "World Visa" (In Brief)

6) The Partnership is preparing to list its World US Bank and Trust [Working Name only] pending Registration with the US Security Exchange on one of the North American Stock Exchanges (WB&T).

3) The World Visa is a Creation of the Partnership as an Exempt Security by Australian Corporation Law (S708) and Reciprocal Country Laws.

1) The World Export Group LP is a Limited Partnership under the management of the General Partner (the "Partnership").

2) The General Partner is an Australian Business, "World Investments" (ABN 1634781282)

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5) Funding of US$250,000 to US$1,000,000 self liquidating loans are arranged by the Partnership through the General Partner of the Partnership for its Visa Members.

7) WB&T is achieved pursuant to the US Investment Company Act 1940 and may market the World Visa as a Security, Globally in all Countries as may be required.

7) WB&T shall operate with a registration in the USA for foreign banking only, pursuant to the laws and Regulations of the Foreign Country it is using as a Branch. Branches shall be established firstly in Australia, British Territory Turks and Caicos Islands and Canada.

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8) Other Countries shall include Island Nations such as Hong Kong-China, Cozumel-Mexico, Philippines and Vanuatu. WB&T can only be the USA Registered Bank.

9) The Partnership shall grow its business to the Countries shown below. The Principal Tax Treaty Countries are shown as an example. Australia has similar Tax Treaties with 40 Countries.

10) The Partnership's business is to create Business Resorts for its Visa Members with Joint Venture funding arranged through WB&T for its World Visa Business Operations under Joint Ventures. Those Joint Ventures may include World Experience Ventures.

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11) The planning behind the Partnership's thinking is to grow a large business structure throughout the World to benefit from the Global Assets of the Partnership, which is addressed in the next slide. The planning includes obtaining assistance from Immigrant Visa Investors seeking a new Country with a Home and Joint Venture Business to create the next bright idea.

12) The Immigrant Visa Investors would include Entrepreneurs, Investors and Retirees of all ages aiming to be self sufficient and whom could meet the criteria for the Country of Choice selected with Reciprocal Rights. Those Rights are subject to being made prior to any approval sought by the Country of Choice and subject to any Temporary World Visa obtained.

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13) The World Visas shown above are part of the (a) Funding for the Visa Members' Joint Ventures as the World Visa is an IOU through its World Visa Certificate. The IOU Funding results from the sale of the Partnership's Equity. The Equity Funds are deposited to WIB&T for enhancing by WIB&T of which self liquidating Loans are created; and (c) the Partnership's Copper Cable Asset is monetised to a value of approx. US$2.5 Billion; and (d) further monetised by deposits to WIB&T for enhancing as permitted by the Banking Regulations in most Countries; and (e) while WIB&T is further Listed on North American Stock Exchanges with its Share Equity is sold to the Market for enhancing Loans.

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The World Experience Condo / Business Incubator Ship is planned as the Flag Ship of the "World Export Group" and associated "World Visa Express".

"World Experience"

The World Experience shall operate as a Business Incubator for those Visa Members purchasing a World Visa for either the Condo / Business Incubator Ship while obtaining the Business and / or Language Skills for a Permanent Visa to suit the selected Country of Choice.

Other Visa Members may choose the World Experience as a Temporary Home pending the Land Based Business Resort accommodation being arranged or developed.

An opportunity shall also be opened to a selected group of World Visa Agents to operate on the World Experience on a rotation arrangement to further their Business on the World Experience.

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Marketing the World Visa is to be carried out by World Visa Agents in many hundreds or thousands around the World.

The World Visa Agents can be licensed or unlicensed. The World Visa is an Exempt Security pursuant to the Australian 2001 Corporation Law S708, the Limited Partnership NSW Act 1898 if not otherwise exempt through the World US Bank & Trust (Working Name Only) [WB&T}

World Visa Agents shall receive 8% of the end sale price with a minimum fee of US$40,000 paid by the Hong Kong Trustee at Completion of Sale.

The Trustee shall accept all funding from the World Visa Partners (as "Custodian") with the exception of the World Visa Membership Payment of US$10,000.00 in two US$5,000.00 tranches at the World Visa Express Shop electronically, subject to refund for Non-Contract.

The Trustee shall accept all funding from the World Visa Partners (as "Custodian") with the exception of the World Visa Membership Payment of US$10,000.00 in two US$5,000.00 tranches at the World Visa Express Shop electronically subject to refund for Non-Contract.

Marketing the World Visa

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Humanitarian World Visa

The Humanitarian World Visa is difficult to commence as written without assistance from Governments. Government Assistance may evolve around some Government Grants to the Partnership if the Governments could be assured some benefits would flow to the Immigrant's Country of Choice.

The main thrust of the Humanitarian World Visa relies on the Immigrants working with their family to introduce at least three (3) other economic or Business Visa Investors willing to settle in the same Country and whom met the Governments Permanent Visa requirements.

The Partnership's World Visa commences as a Temporary Work or investment Visa of a Business in the Country of Choice, all similar to normal Governments' Entrepreneur Visas. These Visas are mainly for innovative or approved business ideas and / or creation. The World Visa has built in Export / Import Business or related Ventures as a Joint Venture with the Partnership including Joint Venture Funding of US$250,000 to US$1,000,000.

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The World Experience Condo Ship shall be available for Humanitarian Living and working opportunities including World Visa Agent positions offering a substantial potential income to Fast-Track their Visa to the Country of Choice.

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The World Export Group LP is an Australian / NSW Incorporated Lim­ited Partnership [ILP0000053] pursuant to the NSW Partnership Act (the “Partner­ship”).  The Partnership commenced operation April 2008 through its General Partner World Investments with a Venture Capital ‘LP’ Right (VCLP).

The Business of the General Partner on behalf of the Partnership is generally Export ‘ Import with added Innovative Ventures.

The Partnership has designed its own  Immigrant Visa Investment in keeping with the Australian Partnership Act 1892 as amended. The World Visa also acts as an Exempt Security pursuant to the Australian Corporations Law Section 708 or WB&T exemptions.

The Partnership has also developed into a Group of Companies involved in Export /Import Business with 1,000s of related Innovative Ventures needing

US$200,000 to US$1 Million or more of individual Funding for Innovating Projects and Ventures, which may be offered by its Members.

The Partnership has global assets of US2.5 billion for funding its Visa Members through Joint Ventures to provide as fast track purchase of various Government Permanent Visas in Country of Choice. Meanwhile the Partnership may continue as a VCLP.

AThe Partnership is in the process of purchasing a Condo Incubator Cruise Ship as the (“World Experience”) to assist its Visa Members in Fast-Track Permanent Visas in their Country of Choice as offered by the Partnership in through its Business Resorts in Countries of Australia, British TCI, Canada and USA.  Other Business Resorts are also planned in the Island Nations of Guam (USA), Hong Kong, Cozumel-Mexico, Philippines, and Vanuatu.

BThe Partnership is cognisant its Business Plan requires substantial funding  to succeed with settlement of its Visa Members as outlined in the Diagram below. This funding shall be arranged through its new Investment Bank being registered in Pennsylvania 19406 USA as the “World US Investment Bank & Trust”, [Working Name Only] (WB&T). It is through WB&T the Partnership can access its Global Assets to monetise as shown in this website to a value of US$2.5 Billion in US$100,000,000 tranches.

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